About Us

PHRM Reviews is dedicated to providing the most accurate, relevant and useful information about online pharmacies. Our goal is to help people stay safe while purchasing medications online. Our reviews and ratings are based on extensive research of personal experience of real customers complemented by technical data and background of reviewed vendors.

Why We Made This Site

Unfortunately there is too much rogue and fraudulent online pharmacies on the net that pose a threat to an unprepared shopper in terms of finance and health. At the same time there are shops that provide an exceptional level of service and quality of products.

Both negative and positive shopping experience of our team members lead to an idea of creating a resource that would give a clear, easy to use way to determine the quality of online pharmacy BEFORE the purchase is made and risk is taken.

Who We Are

Just like our readers, we are people who have faced the necessity of buying medications but could not afford or find needed products in a pharmacy nearby. We believe we have found a strategy that not only helps to stay safe but also makes it possible to save a lot on medications by purchasing them online.

Dan BergmannDan Bergmann is the founder and the main contributor to PHRM Reviews. Dan has an experience in crowd marketing. He is enthusiastic about researching big data, fast moving healthcare goods especially. He has managed a small team analyzing reviews influence in healthcare and wellness industries. He stands behind the strategy of analyzing customer reviews that is used on this site.

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Feel free to contact us about any questions or comments that you have.