100drugs.com Review – Most Probably a Scam Site!

100drugs.com Front
100drugs.com Front

One pharmacy I recently covered was 100drugs.com and I wanted to share with you my findings and analysis. Generic meds can usually be bought without requiring one to produce a prescription. Not to mention, they cost way less than the brand meds. This is why I have turned to generic ED meds and have been evaluating a few internet pharmacies.

100drugs.com shares on the home page for how long it has been in business i.e., 5 years but not where it is based. To tell you the truth, the language is shaky and weird and one can sight typos right away. So I am guessing that the e-pharmacy maybe based in a region where English isn’t the first language. There are 4 broad categories at the site: Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Antibiotics and Weight Loss.

I was hoping to pick up some ED meds so I ignored other categories and headed over to the Men’s Health section. I am writing down the names and prices of some of the popular generic ED meds:

Tadalafil 20mg, 30 pills cost $59.70 ($1.99 per pill)

Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg, 30 pills cost $40.50 ($1.35 per pill)

Vardenafil 20mg, 30 pills cost $46.20 ($1.54 per pill)

Super P-Force – (Sildenafil Citrate 100mg + Dapoxetine 60mg), 12 pills cost $51.60 ($4.30 per pill)

I further discovered that the online pharmacy accepts only one payment method i.e., Visa, which was a bit surprising as well as disappointing, as I have a MasterCard.

As for the accepted shipping methods, there are two based on the amount of pills ordered: Airmail International: If the order is of up to 60 pills = $10If the order is of up to 180 pills = $14 Express Mail: If the order is of up to 60 pills = $18Express Mail: If the order is up to 181 pills = $25If the order is above 181 pills = Free EMS Shipping. The online pharmacy ships worldwide with exceptions to Canada, Africa and few Asian countries.

Following are the ways to contact the online pharmacy:

Email: [email protected] Line: 1 909 939 4422Toll Free: 1 855 409 0999 (at 2 am to 5 pm, Mon to Fri) Email can also be submitted via the form given on the site. This is the method I chose and got a confirmation message stating that I would get a reply in one business day.As for refunds, if the client does not like the product he received, he needs to contact the customer care department and will be asked to send it back on the provided address on his own responsibility. A refund will be given then accordingly.

100drugs.com Reviews:

I wanted to know the impressions of users who have had bought meds from 100drugs.com and read a couple testimonials and found out that there were only a handful.

Michael G., a customer, was happy with the speedy delivery and wrote: “Thank You so Much for the fast speedy delivery. I will use you guys always because I’m very happy with your company. Thanks Again!” Trachtenberg R., another customer, was pleased that the customer care department followed through with him after his order placement. He says: “I have received the package and I am very pleased with your follow up. I will definitely order from you again.”

100drugs.com Reviews
100drugs.com Reviews

These testimonials are nothing more than fillers, as they don’t list where these customers are based, which product they ordered, etc. Moreover, these are just about it; no customer reviews are found anywhere else on the web, such as consumer review forums or pharmacy reviewing sites, regarding this online pharmacy. Its reputation remains unconfirmed.

100drugs Reviews 2016:

In the absence of any real and unbiased testimonials, my other option was to check the reputation of 100 Drugs on Scam Advisor. Here is what I learnt:

100drugs Trust Rating by Scamadviser
100drugs Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Scam Advisor reveals that it seems as if the site is based in Netherlands; however, the real location of the site is hidden and its popularity is unknown. Hence, Scam Advisor considers it as a potentially unsafe site for consumers to buy from.

100 Drugs Coupon Codes:

Online stores generally offer coupon codes and promotional schemes that can be used to avail discounts. 100 Drugs.com has the following discounted offers:

  • Bonus pills with every order; the more you buy, the more you get.
  • Free EMS shipping on bulk orders i.e., orders exceeding 240 pills.
Free Shipping for Delivering Each Order of $200+ on 100 Drugs
Free Shipping for Delivering Each Order of $200+ on 100 Drugs

These kinds of offers usually encourage users to buy things in more amount than they actually need instead of saving money; so they are essentially flawed.

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