24-Tablets.com Review – A Pharmacy Not to Be Trusted!

24-Tablets.com Design
24-Tablets.com Design

Today I am going to review 24-tablets.com. The official name of this website is Trust Pharmacy which is a Canadian based pharmacy which has been operating since 2001. The location of this pharmacy is in Canada, but it offers its services all around the world including UK and USA. Trust Pharmacy has been selling antibiotics, medicines related to diabetes, birth control pills, muscle relaxants, drugs related to men and women’s health.

The pharmacy also sells common medicines like Viagra and Cialis at affordable prices. After searching about the Viagra and Cialis rates, I have found that the price of Viagra is $0.27 for pill and the price of Cialis is $0.68 for a pill.

All the medicines and drugs offered by Trust Pharmacy or 24-tablets.com are approved by FDA which means that the medicines are completely safe to purchase. You can pay for the medicines by different payment methods including the MasterCard and Visa Card.

The shipping of the products and medicines is usually done through two ways. First one is the Airmail which takes at most 2 to 3 weeks and cost you $9.95 and the other one is the EMS Courier Delivery which takes 2 to 8 business days to deliver your product at the price of $19.95 but as this method is not supported by the majority of countries, Airmail is usually preferred.

Trust Pharmacy does not support live chat option but you can contact it by sending a message through Contact Us page. I have sent them a message with a query and haven’t got any response yet. Moreover, UK customers can contact them by calling on their number: +4420 -3239 -7092 and the US customers can contact them on +1 -718 -487 -9792.

The company will resend you your package if you receive damaged or defective product from the company absolutely free of cost but you cannot refund your amount in any case.

24 Tablets Reviews:

As you know that in order to completely trust a pharmacy, it is extremely important that it has some strong positive customer reviews, not only on the site itself but on the third-party websites as well, so that you may know that the reviews are not purchased in any case.

After searching about this 24-tablets.com or Trust Pharmacy, I have found a number of customer reviews on its website. A customer named Samuel from Irish France said that “They ship very speedy and keep you informed as to the day to progress of shipping. I’ve used them for several years and I am always very pleased. Very honest, great site”. This review shows us that the services of this website is very much pleasing for the customers and they always ship their products in time.

Another customer named Sarah from Spain said that “Thank you for your fast and courteous service, it is much appreciated. Service like this is rare these days and does not go unnoticed. Thanks to all the people who formulated the product, and also to the people who had delivered it to me so quickly”.

As all these reviews are mentioned on the 24-tablets.com site itself, so it is quite possible that the customers are paid for giving such positive reviews or the seller has ordered this content and published fake reviews. This means that the site may not be totally reliable to trust in-site customer reviews.

24 Tablets Reviews
24 Tablets Reviews

24-Tablets.com Reviews 2016:

After checking the reputation of this Trust Pharmacy from the scam advisor I have found out that the site contains a lot of risk. The site owners claim that the site is based in United States but it is quite possible that the site is from Russian Federation, which means false claims.

Moreover, the site contains high risk according to scam advisor and it have a very few visitors from the past few months. As scam advisor does not recommend it, it is better to avoid such a poor reputation site or online pharmacy for making a purchase of the medicines and drugs.

It is better to look for other sites that at least offer some satisfaction when checked from the scam advisor and I am sure to find some reliable pharmacies in this regard having reliable customer reviews and good scam advisor ranking as well.

Safety Report of 24-Tablets.com by Scamadviser
Safety Report of 24-Tablets.com by Scamadviser

24-Tablets Coupon Codes:

I am sure you are definitely looking for discounts on this particular pharmacy as well to know if it offers any sale on the products. Well, a good news for you guys is that this pharmacy do offer a discount for the people that shop products over $200.

If you shop medicines and drugs from this pharmacy and your total bill exceeds $200, you will receive a free shipping discount on your shopping. So if you are looking to get discounts and sales on your products, try to shop for more than $200 and you will receive discount of at least the shipping charges which is quite expensive for some countries.

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Best Deals for 24-Tablets on the Internet
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