247-pharmacy.com Review – Old Internet Pharmacy with Poor User Reviews

247-pharmacy.com Main Page
247-pharmacy.com Main Page

247-pharmacy.com has been an online drugstore since the year 2001, but they are not to be found anywhere on the internet anymore. Even a quick lookup of the domain does not give an inkling into why they have now been taken off the internet. It can be said that they just got fed up with the whole internet pharmacy business and decided to leave the web then. According to the information provided on the website, one cannot figure out where the business was operated out from.

However, they were surely one of those e-stores which would allow its users get drugs without a prescription from the doctor. Likewise, they made the offer of affordable prices and shipping to anywhere in the world. Looking at the catalog that they used to have on parade, they did not sell a very wide variety of pills. For these that they sold, it looked like only a select option was touted. To get and clarify the claims of affordable prices, I quickly went for the ED medicine on board. I was disappointed to find out that the e-store only used to have Viagra in stock, and I could not even get what this one sold for. There were just no other options from which a decision could be made.

A missing information page robbed me of a lot of valuable data, one of such being the FDA status of medicine shipped out by the e-pharmacy. 247-pharmacy.com would accept only credit cards for the payment on orders, and they did offer quite the lot of this. Back when the e-store was in operation, a customer could pay with cards issued by MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Clubs and others, to mention but a few. Although there was no express information on the shipping, customers are promised that their packages would be shipped in a period of 24 hours after getting the order. Likewise, there was just the option of Airmail for delivery of packages, but no price and time was stated for this. I suppose the standard pricing from other pharmacies on the internet would be used here.

To speak with a customer care agents, the user is expected to send a mail or call one of the numbers displayed on the website. Now that the e-pharmacy has decided to call it quits, it is expected that these lines and email addresses would have been disconnected too. Should a customer have a complaint on their package or order, the customer care agents are more than willing to help. Lacking a refund and reshipment page, I do not know how this e-store treats such case from its customers.

247-pharmacy.com Reviews

The internet pharmacy has been online since the year 2001, and that is long enough for them to have racked up the reputation with buyers. The first comment I saw about the e-store on PharmaciesReview.com is that of Carolyn who claimed to ‘have been using them for years, and had minor problems which they made good on.’ However, she was forced to rate the internet pharmacy just one star for now sending her package from China, as opposed to Spain.

Next up was Jane Warren who does not seem to have any problems with 247 Pharmacy at all. According to her, she had a timely delivery and commended the ‘good quality.’

247-pharmacy.com Reviews
247-pharmacy.com Reviews

Again, I saw the comment of David Bevell who was angry that he ‘ordered drugs and they sent placebos that do absolutely nothing.’ Abigail also complained of products not being delivered, claiming her credit card was charged’ and yet, ‘no goods were delivered.’

Three out of four is a great run, only if they were good comments. It is safe to say that this e-store has managed to wrong more people than it has made good with.

247-pharmacy.com Reviews 2016

Even though the internet pharmacy is not around anymore, recent reviews from independent review websites looked like the place to go next. From 247-pharmacy.com, the website was labeled as having a low trust rating and being totally unsafe for use. The real location of the site is likely Costa Rica, but it has been registered instead in an unknown region. Going further, the e-store stops the scale at 0% for safety and have an unknown popularity.

247-pharmacy.com Trust Rating
247-pharmacy.com Trust Rating

After these kinds of comments, there was really nothing that this internet drugstore would do to make me change the kind of sorry opinion I was already forming about them. For a business that claimed to have been online since the year 2001, it is surprising that Scam Adviser would not be able to give its popularity. That suggests an online pharmacy with few users.

247-pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

There were no coupon codes and discount offers to be found on the website of the e-store. Even if they had been one to offer such deals, it would not have mattered now that they have decided to take their business off the internet.

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