247doc.de Review – European Company with Negative Reputation!

247doc.de Design
247doc.de Design

Here I am with another online facilitator of the meds for the persons who are looking to order high quality meds at best rates. Well, I cannot state that in the initial section of the review whether or not 247doc.de legit. By the end of my review we will surely find out.

247doc.de is the Europe based online pharmacy that is located in UK. The company had been working in this business since the year 2010, offering high quality meds. The company claims in its About Us page that they offer only licensed meds, from the certified manufacturers and pharmacies. But still it is not provided who got it licensed.

The website offers only a limited line of health care meds with more variety in the erectile dysfunction section. However, the other line of meds that the 247doc.de deals with include skin care, obesity, impotence, weight loss, hair loss, flu etc. Just to check the prices of the company I navigated through the section of impotence and checked the prices for meds there. Viagra is available at the rate of $1.27 while Cialis is being sold at $1.49. Besides these, there were many varieties of impotence drugs that caught my interest. However, the prices of these meds are found to be slight higher than in other pharmacies.

There is no info provided about the delivering methods of the company, however, the delivering time period is 7 to 14 days within Europe while 14 to 24 days outside it. But the good news is that, they offer free of cost delivery. And the payment methods accepted by this company are VISA, Master cards, and Maestro and wire bank transfers. Moreover, there is no contacting number of the company provided through which you can reach them, however, the online inquiry form is available, that will take number of days to respond you, as I have tried to get my few questions answered, but it haven’t replied me yet.

247doc.de Reviews:

Customer reviews are really important to find out about the quality of the products and to determine the reliability of the company that you are considering to use. As, my today’s consideration is 247doc.de, I searched for the customer reviews about this company and fortunately, I have found some reviews from customers on the independent reviewing site.

After checking all the reviews present on this site about 247doc.de, I found that the company is not reliable as the customers were not satisfied with their services and thus posted bad reviews. For your glimpse, I have attached a screenshot of some reviews by customers. And according to one of its customer review by Paulo Silva, “You pay and they don’t deliver the products. It’s a fraud.” This review was made on Feb 13th, 2013 and he claimed this company to be fraud.

Another customer named Jaap reviewed 247doc.de on 7th of Jan, 2013 and commented, “The site is fraud, they don’t deliver! :S I ordered one month ago but nothing, no goods and they don’t reply on emails!!!!!”

247doc.de Reviews
247doc.de Reviews

As you can see, this website is a kind of fraud that does receive payments from the customers, but do not deliver products to customers.

247 Doc Reviews 2016:

Although above reviews are enough to judge the reputation of the company, but I researched further to check the scam risk. There might be no scam risk been associated with this company, however, the fact remains intact that this company is fraud and do not offer delivery of the products after receiving payments.

But according to scam advisor, this company is still not empty from scamming risk. There might be a small chance of risk from this company for its customers as it has got a trust score of 67 percent that is not satisfactory to trust any company that deals with the financial and personal details of the persons.

Safety Report of 247 Doc by Scamadviser
Safety Report of 247 Doc by Scamadviser

So, I am certainly not going to recommend this company to anyone out there, who is looking for the reliable provider of the meds.

247doc Coupon Codes:

Discounts and special offers are always welcomed by the purchasers, as they love to shop from the company offering such saving for them that can help them in longer run. So, the companies that want to attract the customers in order to increase their sales, offer wither the discount offers or coupon codes for its customers. That is the reason 247doc.de is also offering something for its customers.

Discount Offer by 247doc
Discount Offer by 247doc

According to the offer being offered on 247doc.de, there is the 10 percent discount for all the customers re- ordering from their pharmacy. This can lead the customers to save up to 10 percent off over their orders for second, third or so on orders. Besides this, the shipping is completely free from this company that is another quite seducing offer to customers.

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