24x7Drugs.com Review – Drug Store with Unimpressive Graphics but Great Reputation

Home Page of 24x7Drugs.com
Home Page of 24x7Drugs.com

Even though 24x7Drugs.com does not have the “wow” factor when it comes to its appearance, I actually find its content well-put and the thought processes used in statements quite organized. 24x7drugs.com is an addition to the sea of online pharmacies in the web; though it doesn’t look much, I think this has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye.

Based on what 24x7Drugs.com information says about itself, the site is a global company dedicated to providing “first-rate care” to its clients. I just did not like that the company makes itself look mysterious by not disclosing the details that could have otherwise been posted in the information tab, for example, where it’s located. Only the start date of the company is posted (2008). 24x7Drugs just advised that the clients just contact the customer support to know more about the details. Unfortunately, the site did not have a live chat function; all inquiries are done through calls (which, by the way, are not free), and e-mail, which I have to wait for the reply. But I browsed the site further, and in the Disclaimer section, there was a mention of “Kashmir Pharmaceuticals Inc.”, which I think is the company behind this site. This company is located in India (Kashmir is also a place in India); and maybe, this site is from India too.

I am pleased that 24x7Drugs.com has meds for Erectile Dysfunction and is selling both the brand-name and the generic versions for them. Aside from these ED meds, this site vends an awful lot of medications, both Rx and Over-the-counter, and offers the generic/non-generic variants for them too. As for the products’ safety approvals, there is no mention if the generic meds are actually approved by the FDA or not; but the shop had the lengthy discussion regarding patents and FDA in the FAQ section. But as far as I know, most generic medications are in fact approved by the FDA of the manufacturing country. Generic meds cannot be termed “generic” if not approved by the FDA.

I am always particularly interested in the ED meds pricing because I am constantly in search of sites offering good deals for the meds. On this site’s case, ED meds are affordable here; for example, Viagra by Pfizer is being sold here for $99 per 10-piece pack. Other stores I know are selling this drug for $99 for 4 pieces, and some, up to almost $70 apiece. This is already a great deal for those interested in purchasing Viagra. As for the other common ED drug, Cialis by Lilly can cost as low as $11.88 per piece on this site. These medications, by the way, may be ordered here without needing any prescription; but the site advises the clients to have consultations with their respective physicians first before buying anything here.

These ED products, as well as the other products found on 24x7Drugs.com, can be paid for through Western Union, eChecks, wire transfers, and credit cards. Shipping rates are undisclosed in the FAQ sheet, but can be discovered during s checkout; Regular shipping is free (7-24 business days), while Express shipping costs only an additional $13 (3-14 business days). The company is also adding an insurance fee of $5 for sure reshipments/refunds in case of order loss/damage during transit.

There are no contact details of the site posted except for its phone number, +1-813-344-1952.

24x7Drugs Reviews:

24x7Drugs Reviews
24x7Drugs Reviews

There were several client reviews posted on 24x7Drugs.com, with most of them containing thank-yous from the clients who made the purchase from the store. Gilberto Ramos said he was in need of Tramadol, but the doctors did not prescribe him some, even though he had a “legitimate” use for it since he was involved in a recent accident. According to him, it was through the site that he was able to get ahold of the medicine, and since then, his pain had been manageable.

Jan Soljar rated the site 5-stars for the Ambien he purchased from 24x7Drugs, saying the drug helped him sleep despite his neural pain.

J. Dean, from CA, also gave the site a 5-star review for the fast delivery. Those are actually the good review from 24x7Drugs clients; but since they were found only on the site, I honestly still have my doubts regarding them, as on-site reviews are the easiest to manipulate. I’ll have to see more reviews from external sources.

24×7 Drugs Reviews 2016:

As for the recent reviews of 24x7Drugs, there were a few from onlinepharmacyreviews.org. I was relieved to see some client reviews for 24x7drugs.com, and more so seeing that they were positive comments for the site.

24x7 Drugs Reviews 2016
24×7 Drugs Reviews 2016

Primuch, a client, said that it was her third time to order from the site. Price-wise, the site was good, and the shipping did not take long, considering the order was going to be delivered overseas. The client also commended the site’s customer service, even saying that they made sure that the “discounts were applied”. All in all, the client would recommend the site’s service.

Another review was available for reference, the one from Thadestal63. This client also gave 24x7Drugs.com a proper testimonial, commending its pricing, customer service, and delivery. Apparently, the site did well in all those three areas; hence the client’s desire to order again.

24x7 Drugs Trust Rating by Scamadviser
24×7 Drugs Trust Rating by Scamadviser

But, despite these encouraging third-party reviews, 24x7drugs.com still had a mere 8% rating from Scam Adviser. The site was classified as high-risk and is unsafe to use. But then, this is only from an algorithm’s standpoint and does not reflect the site’s actual service. Nevertheless, I am still willing to try; at my own risk, though, as the independent site reviews of this site are reflective of its good service.

24x7Drugs.com Coupon Codes:

Bonus Policy of 24x7Drugs.com
Bonus Policy of 24x7Drugs.com

24x7drugs.com is very particular with the care of its loyal customers; and so to please them even more, the pharmacy is giving away a 10% discount on all products for all returning customers, and for an indefinite amount of time. I think this meant that the site is giving away 10% bonus pills for all its returning consumers. This is actually good and probably will encourage the consumers to come back to this site and purchase some more.

Also, I remembered seeing that 24x7drugs is offering Free Airmail Shipping on all orders, which is not stated on the site’s banners but can be discovered during checkout. Free shipping is great! I am getting excited seeing this promo, as the other sites are only offering free shipping for a minimum purchase. Unconditional free shipments are the greatest.

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