365pills.mobi Review – Not Really the #1 Site that it Claims to Be

Front Page of 365pills.mobi
Front Page of 365pills.mobi

365pills.mobi prides itself on being the “top 1 sexual health online pharmacy”. Well, most online pharmacies claim they are the #1 anyway. 365pills.mobi has been in operation since 2008 and according to its data, it has already served 125,000 customers since its start of operations. The site did not specifically say where it’s from; it just said that the company is located “outside the USA” but has its staff (support) based in the USA and Europe.

Meds for sexual health are mostly the ones being sold by 365pills.mobi, but the site also sells products for hair loss and skin care. Based on the products listed on the site, all the products 365pills.mobi sells are generic medications. Although the site lists Viagra, it’s actually not the real Viagra; it’s just the It generic analog for the brand-name. Maybe 365pills.mobi listed “Viagra” to catch attention.

I find this site different, though, because it plainly states that the meds sold here are not approved by the FDA, but were rather regulated by the WHO since the meds are generics are not bound by FDA regulations. That’s a new statement since all of the other sites selling generic medications are saying that generic meds are coined as such because they were approved by the FDA. Moving on, the meds sold by 365pills.mobi are manufactured in India and from reputable Indian generic manufacturers such as Ajanta Pharma, Cipla, Centurion Laboratories, Ranbaxy, Aurochem Laboratories, Biobaxy Technologies, and Sunrise Remedies.

365pills.mobi is one of the few online stores which do not require their clients to submit any form of prescription for the meds, even if the products are prescriptions, to begin with. According to its FAQ, 365pills.mobi allows its clients to order online or through the phone.

The site sells its ED pills for a minimum of 10 pieces. It was good to see that aside from the minimum pills that the clients will purchase, 365pills.mobi adds several free pills. For instance, the $39.99 10-piece pack for Sildenafil is given an additional 4 pills by the site. Generic Cialis, on the other hand, is also sold in 10s and is priced at $45.49 for 10 pills.

Not only are these meds priced low by the site, 365pills.mobi also gives free shipping on all its items via Regular delivery, and for no minimum order amount. All items are eligible for free shipping, which is a very good marketing strategy by 365pills.mobi. I also appreciate the fact that the products still held their affordable pricing, despite being shipped free, unlike on the other sites. Express shipping (5-9 days), on the other hand, is charged $29.9. It’s good that 365pills.mobi already gives out the approximate arrival times of the orders during checkout, which I seldom observe from the other sites. Payments accepted by 365pills.mobi are those from Visa, AMEX, and MasterCard. Payments are secured by 256-bit SSL encryption and secured by WebSafe and McAfee Secure.

During the unlikely event that the products are undelivered (according to 365pills.mobi), the site is able to reship the items or reimburse the clients’ payments for no additional cost. The other cases were not mentioned, though, so clients should just reach the Support department for these topics. The site may be reached using 1-800-4900365 and the email form found on the site.

365pills Reviews

It’s just too bad that I was unable to find any client review for 365pills.mobi because that meant that I am not going to have anything to look at to gauge its integrity in terms of client service. It’s just unnatural, though, that a site of 8 years doesn’t have any record of client comment from its previous buyers either on the site itself or on various review sites.

365 Pills Reviews 2016

365 Pills Trust Rating by Scamadviser
365 Pills Trust Rating by Scamadviser

And because there were no available client reviews for the site, I resorted to looking the site up at Scam Adviser to see whether it’s rated good or bad. I did not expect a high rating for 365pills.mobi, but the rating, given to 365pills.mobi, was too low—a Zero out of the possible 100 score in terms of safety. The site was labeled “high-risk” and was also identified as a Rogue pharmacy with connections to several suspicious websites. Since this was the case, I won’t dare try this site for fear that my details might get stolen during the order process.

365pills.mobi Coupon Codes

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $150 on 365pills.mobi
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $150 on 365pills.mobi

There were actually no coupon codes, but I appreciate the fact that 365pills.mobi has free shipping for all its items regarding of order size. Plus, there are bonus pills for every order—even the least number of orders qualify for the freebies. Airmail shipping is free on all orders, but on larger orders ($150 and above), shipping is free via EMS/Express delivery.

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