77Canadapharmacy.com Review – Appearance Can Be Deceptive!

77 Canada Pharmacy Home
77 Canada Pharmacy Home

I evaluated 77Canadapharmacy.com from multiple aspects. I was interested in finding any online pharmacies that are operating from regions where the government is regulating prices of meds so as to discourage monopoly. 77CanadaPharmacy.com was one of them. Here is what I found:

77Canadapharmacy.com is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and has been in operation since 2003, which means that it has been in business since 13 years. It claims to be stocking over 7000 over the counter and prescription based medicines at lowest rates, as they ship these medicines from legitimate pharmacies in based in USA, Canada, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Israel and England. This pharmacy is licensed under Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association (MPhA). The meds are delivered globally, besides Canada and USA.

It’s a well-known fact that healthcare is anything but cheap in USA. Therefore, it’s not easy to get prescriptions filled for even the most basic and critical care medicines, what to say of medicines like Viagra and other ED meds.

The pharmacy stocks almost all the leading meds (branded as well as generic) for all major ailments and health issues. The medicines are grouped under two major categories: RX (prescription based) and OTC (over the counter). You can find here meds for minor health issues like acne, sweating, bed wetting, etc, to major ones like schizophrenia, Parkinsons, cancer, etc. I found the meds for diabetic to be most comprehensive in range. Erectile dysfunction meds were few in number, with established brands like Viagra and Revatio (OTC) and Cialis and Levitra (RX). There is even a section exclusively reserved for pets meds.

I found that Viagra was available from numerous sources in this pharmacy: Canada, USA, Africa, India, Singapore, etc. The prices of the same med differed on the basis of source as well as strength. For instance,

Four 25mg Viagra pills from a Canadian source would cost you $76.17, whereas four 100mg would cost you $86.58.

Four 25mg Viagra pills from an American source would cost you $168.49.

Four 25mg Sildenafil pills from an Indian source would cost you $54.23.

Four 50mg Sildenafil pills from a Singaporean source would cost you $49.99.

No doubts that the prices are definitely alluring.

I then decided to check if these meds were FDA approved or not and was happy to read that both brand and generic meds are mostly bought from manufacturers carrying FDA approval like Novopharm, Teva, Cipla and Ranbaxy. I felt reassured as putting meds that haven’t been authorized by any regulatory body sounds scary.

The pharmacy accepts the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, cheque by mail and International Money Orders. They also give the assurance that price of the ordered product and the shipping costs are what you have to pay for and there are no hidden charges.

The shipment methods are: Regular Delivery and Express Delivery

Regular delivery costs $10.99 for USA and Canada, and the shipment is estimated to reach in 8 to 12 business days.

Express delivery costs $21.99 for USA and Canada, and the shipment is estimated to reach in 3 to 8 business days.

International delivery costs $49.00, and the shipment is estimated to reach in 10 to 25 business days.

Moreover, I noted that only Express delivery option is trackable.

I like to get in touch with someone in an online pharmacy before deciding to place an order. I discovered the following options for contacting the customer support department: 1-800-545-1106 (toll free phone number) and 1-866-548-8621 (toll free fax number). I decided to check out the Live Chat option and was quickly connected to a customer center representative. The person answered two of my questions quickly but went quiet when I inquired whether the generic version of Viagra was from India or elsewhere. I found it a bit annoying as well as suspicious. I mean what this person was trying to protect or hide when this information was listed on the site as well.

Customer Service Support via Live Chat on 77canadapharmacy.com
Customer Service Support via Live Chat on 77canadapharmacy.com

The refund policy states that unopened and undamaged non prescription drugs can be returned. However, prescriptive drugs can only be returned in case they get damaged or defected. Shipping charges however are refundable only if there is a shipping error on the pharmacy’s part or if the consignment gets damaged. One important thing to remember is that packing slip is required with all refund requests.

77Canadapharmacy Reviews:

I couldn’t find any customer reviews on the site itself but I stumbled upon a complaint board which is even better.

77Canadapharmacy Reviews
77Canadapharmacy Reviews

Charmedonesh, a customer of 77 Canada Pharmacy wrote on 17th March, 2014 that he ordered a med from the said pharmacy and experienced a huge price difference between his first and second order. The pharmacy justified the difference in prices by saying that price rate of the said meds have gone up. However, the customer suspected that the initial low price was just a baiting tactic to lure customers in and the actual prices of the pharmacy were a total “rip-off”. Meanwhile, another customer with an alias, Old Guild Guy, thinks that the pharmacy doesn’t have the expertise to handle temperature sensitive meds, and their shipments are often late.

77Canadapharmacy Reviews
77Canadapharmacy Reviews

Another independent source I found was ‘Pharmacies Review’ where the customers’ opinions regarding 77 Canada Pharmacy were mixed, but more towards the negative side than positive. While Sharon B., a Texan based customer, not only expressed her satisfaction from the said pharmacy’s service as well as product but is also determined to order from it in the future as well (review dated Jan, 10, 2013). However, another customer, Nancy Cluley, wrote on Nov 21, 2012 that the pharmacy’s service has gone down. They didn’t deliver her the insulin she ordered two weeks ago and that has left her in a fix.

77Canadapharmacy Reviews
77Canadapharmacy Reviews

Although I was very much impressed initially by 77Canadapharmacy.com’s wide range of products and reasonable pricing, I found these reviews on independent sites quite alarming. If these people can’t deliver medicines related to serious health conditions like diabetes in a timely and appropriate way, then can they be trusted with delivery and quality of ED meds?

77 Canada Pharmacy Reviews 2016:

My other source to check this site’s credibility is of course Scam Advisor. Here is what Scam Advisor has to say about 77 Canada Pharmacy:

77 Canada Pharmacy Trust Rating by Scamadviser
77 Canada Pharmacy Trust Rating by Scamadviser

It is indeed eye opening that this pharmacy is neither Canadian nor based in the US. It’s more likely to be operating out of Barbados, West Indies. 77Canadapharmacy.com is rarely visited and scores the lowest low on Scam Advisor’s safety meter.

77Canadapharmacy.com Coupon Codes:

The USP of this site is that it is giving customers as much as 77% discount on ordered meds, hence the name 77Canadapharmacy.com. This Promotional deal can be redeemed from the coupon given underneath. The other discount coupon is for reduction in shipment fee. However, from what I have found out so far about this pharmacy, none of these coupon codes looked good to me.

Coupon Codes for Using on 77Canadapharmacy.com
Coupon Codes for Using on 77Canadapharmacy.com
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