Abeewell.org Is Closed: What Are the Reasons?

Abeewell.org has been recently been stopped from working any further, by the ICE. It also seems like the store has not been given any notice prior to this seizure. There is a notice present on the domain previously owned by this store that clears the situation for the customers of abeewell.org who are greatly disappointed and are eager to know why this situation has occurred. It seems like abeewell.org has been caught dealing in replica drugs using the same name as that of the branded medications. This makes abeewell.org liable to punishment under two charges i.e. violating the copyrights and selling bad quality drugs to customers. The store has also been punished twice, either with a huge sum of money to be paid as fine or by sending a few years in the federal prison.

Abeewell.org has been Seized by ICE
Abeewell.org has been Seized by ICE

As per many customers, suspension of small generic stores is not a new thing now. ICE is repeatedly shutting down all the pharmacies one by one as per the instructions by the famous businessmen running companies of branded drugs. The presence and ever-growing sales of generics are obviously a big threat to the survival of brands which are so expensive that most of the people cannot afford them. So, these companies have found an easy way out by simply blocking the business of generics and regaining all their lost customers again.

Abeewell.org History

Abeewell.org was an online platform that offered generic medications anda24/7 customer support center for the guidance of their clients. The company was easily reachable as there were two different contact numbers in addition to a live chat. Drugs for depression, fungal infections, cancer, diabetes arthritis, mental dysfunction, erectile dysfunction and other categories could be bought easily from abeewell.org. As far as the ED drugs are concerned, there was a complete variety of all the famous generic medications like Generic Cialis, Generic Viagra and Generic Levitra available on this store. There was also a news blog available at the pharmacy website which could easily answer the queries and questions put up by the customers of abeewell.org.

Abeewell.org Main Page
Abeewell.org Main Page

Abeewell.org had a few customer reviews on its own website. These responses were great and told about the fast delivery and prompt replies to the questions asked. However, it is to be remembered that these positive reviews were only to be found on the vendor’s personal website and none were present on any other social media platform. Scamadvisor was against the use of this website stating that it was based in Russia and associated with high risk. A zero percent trust rating was awarded to abeewell.org which makes its position rather suspicious.

Abeewell.org Alternatives

Abeewell.org seemed to have a customer pool of its own that would probably be looking for a new vendor to replace it. The question that arises here is how to choose a pharmacy that is reliable and does not deal with replica products?

We have an answer to your question in the form of a catalog that comprises of all the potential drug stores that we think are the best. You can check out the list at our website and order those drugs you want to without any further delay.

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