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I need a reliable and cheap online pharmacy for the purchase of my ED medications, therefore, I have made a list of pharmacy vendors to review and is also included in the list. is an online store for anabolic steroids and it has claimed that it is the largest global group of steroids throughout the world. Acquistare-Steroidi is offering best service and reliable support. Acquistare-Steroidi is shipping all products worldwide and getting them from reliable manufacturers. It is sending orders from the EU with 100 % efficacy and efficiency.

I like Acquistare-Steroidi wide array of steroid products including steroid injections, oral steroids, anti-estrogens, human growth hormone, erectile dysfunction, and some other products. The vendor has not mentioned whether its products are approved by any recognized body or not. The best seller products are Deca Durabolin, Susutanon 250 Organon, Stanozololo, and Sustanon.

It is very necessary to check the prices for determine affordability and I am surprised to see the price of Viagra 100 mg. I can purchase a pack of 30 tablets of Viagra at the price of $4350, the price of a single 100 mg Viagra tablet is $145. It is just unbelievable and the shipment cost for $4350 worth order is $650. I think it is outrageous.

The preferable payment method is bank transfer but AcquistareSteroidi can accept the payment via credit cards and western union. In most cases, the order is dispatched in two days after payment and Acquistare-Steroidi has provided two types of shipment: UPS and UPS extra. UPS provides tracking service without a drop off signature while UPS extra requires a signature. Shipment fees are greater for UPS extra as compared to UPS. Acquistare-Steroidi has fixed to handle fees but transport fees vary according to the weight of order and country to be shipment.

I have searched to find out refund policy to find out if I can return the product in the case of dissatisfaction. Acquistare Steroidi is neither providing refund policy nor satisfaction guarantee to its customers. Another thought comes to my mind to contact Acquistare-Steroidi customer care center in order to know its policies for the return of the order. I have read on a website that it will only cancel my order if I inform them within 12 hours. I have sent a detailed email to its customer service which was the only way to contact a seller. I am still waiting for the response. It has very slow customer care service; I wonder what will be the efficiency of its ordering process. Reviews

Customer reviews and the popularity of an online pharmacy go side by side. A popular online pharmacy will have huge customer loyalty and in turn, more revenue. If there are no customer reviews for an online medical store, it means that it is not famous among customers and it will be less successful. Acquistare-Steroidi has mentioned on the website about the good quality of its product and reasonable prices. 145$ per pill some people call reasonable! It is really important to check whether customers are satisfied with the quality of their unbelievably expensive products or not. So, customer feedback could help me in verifying Acquistare-Steroidi claims if they existed. If the source of medications is not approved and verified, it may lead us toward getting fake products positioned as brands or just getting scammed.

Unluckily, I haven’t found customer reviews for Acquistare-Steroidi from previous years that are strong evidence of its low popularity and unreliability. AcquistareSteroidi has about five years’ experience in this field but even a single customer has not posted a feedback. Reviews 2016

Acquistare-Steroidi is equally unpopular in 2016 as well because it does not have customer feedback in 2016. Testimonials posted by customers in 2016 could be helpful in analyzing the current performance and reputation of this highly expensive online pharmacy.

Scam advisor report can also aid me in further assessing this source of online medications. According to scam advisor report, Acquistare-Steroidi is located in Ukraine and it has very low trust rating. It has a large number of visitors but it is highly unsafe to use. Trust Rating Trust Rating Coupon Codes

I have searched thoroughly all coupon code websites to find a coupon code for Acquistare-Steroidi but it was unproductive as I haven’t spotted a single coupon code for a discount. Discount on products, shipments offers, bonuses and entire stock sales could be appreciated in decreasing the crazy prices. is offering the following type of discounts:

  • It is providing an opportunity to order a product with free shipment
  • It is also offering 10-20 % quantity discount or extra free products if the cost of the product exceeds $ 550
  • 100
  • 0