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My friend, who knew I am going to buy a few meds online, advised me to try which is a licensed Canadian and international medications supplier. I have seen that the company offers a wide range of medications to satisfy the varied needs of the patients and both prescription as well as over the counter medications are available at competitive prices compared to a local pharmacy. It has claimed to satisfy thousands of customers all over the world. There are some reviews on the net, and most of the customers are satisfied with their service and products which proves a good reputation of this site.

As I dug deeper, I saw that if the drugs were dispensed by any licensed Canada pharmacy, then this would violate the US federal laws, but to a lesser extent. Because of this reason it was determined that this drug store does not meet the US standards. On the other hand, Canadian International Pharmacy Association has considered to be a safe pharmacy where users can buy their medicines. I saw that the company dispenses through licensed pharmacy and also promises privacy of the personal or medical information. The company also uses current technologies to maintain the security standards and delivers all its orders within 7 -21 days as an average. The company charges $10 for prescriptions drugs within the US and $30 for international shipping. One good thing I saw is that the customers can direct any questions or inquiries regarding the privacy principles by contacting the designated person to maintain and protect personal information which is also a positive point. Reviews:

Obviously, customer experience is an important part of determining whether a site is trustworthy or not. I looked into various sites and found out that many of the comments were positive. This enhanced my perception that the site is credible. Reviews
Affordabledrugs Reviews

A very strange comment from a user Stan Smith, who on August 8, 2012, said,” This site takes you to a different pharmacy “trusted tablets.” This is not the correct pharmacy. Just Google and go from the link. The link is incorrect.”

Which is very strange as the site has a well-defined domain and nothing unexpected occurs when I click on the Google search results.

Another comment from the same user, Stan Smith on August 8, 2012, said, “We were looking for an anti-inflammatory pain medication for my dog that is temporarily no available in the US (deramax). This pharmacy had the lowest prices and was given A+ by the BBB. You can call them back to make sure all the info is correct and receive your medication in 10 days. Great customer service, highly recommended. (prices on people’s meds are great too.) A very satisfied customer.”

Sigh! At last Mr. Stan Smith is also happy with the website and has started appreciating it. This shows that the website is very satisfying so I would surely recommend it to others.

Affordable drugs Reviews 2016:

Affordable drugs Reviews 2016
Affordable drugs Reviews 2016

Now, let’s have a look at how well did is performing in the current year.

Sad to see that in 2016, the website has failed to give any proper explanation to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy due to which they have declared that it as a not recommended site. Which clearly speaks for itself that the site is still not abiding by the laws of NABP or state/federal laws. So I must say that ordering from such sites might cause harm to users and their families’ health. Although the reviews are good yet, there is a bit of distrust present.

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Sales and marketing department of the website seem to be not giving away any promotions or sales. No sale has been announced, and no sign of the discount vouchers exists on the internet. This fact does not affect them in a positive way as there are more tempting online pharmacies out there to draw maximum customers with different specials.

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