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On first impressions, the design and layout of is far from reassuring. It looks poorly made, thrown together and does not give off an image of trust. Whilst I can’t find any information on where Affordable Medz is based, a WhoIs Lookup shows that the website is based in New York, whilst the owner is based in Barbados. The website was created in early 2016, making this a fairly new site, which doesn’t go a long way in helping its scam appearing image so far.

There’s quite an array of products on offer for a range of medical conditions and the website stocks both generic and branded products. The lowest available price for a generic Viagra pill is currently $0.98, whilst a branded pill of Viagra is currently $7.72 at its lowest price. I would say that these products is a fair representation of the average prices of these pills in their respective market.

There are no information on the website assuring that the products are FDA approved, all I can find is a write up in the FAQ’s explaining that Viagra was one of the first ED drugs to be FDA approved (a useless bit of information in my opinion).

Accepted payment methods include Visa, Amex, Western Union and eCheck, and whilst searching for this information I discovered that the Terms & Conditions begins with “we at” – which would be ok if that was the name of the website. Unfortunately it isn’t and so I think we can agree that the Terms & Conditions has been copied and pasted from a similar website or this site is an affiliate of

Shipping apparently takes up to 10 working days and the pricing is based on the final weight of each consignment. I’m not quite sure how they work out the weight unless they’re all stored in a database linked the website, but that definitely seems a little odd, especially considering most couriers charge the same price for amounts up to 1kg at least, which I wouldn’t expect your average pill order to exceed.

The online live chat feature is offline unfortunately, so I am unable to test it. The toll line is for American customers only, it is claimed to be open for 3 hours between 9am and 12pm Monday – Friday. 3 hours is a small amount of time for a company’s phone line to be open.

As with most other important information on this website, the refund policy is nowhere to be found. Given how untrustworthy appears, the least they could offer is a refund policy, but either there isn’t one in place or they simply haven’t written it up. Either way, no information on a refund policy is just another tick for the box of criteria of this website being a scam.

Affordablemedz Reviews:

Steve Bahr – USThanks for your great customer service Affordablemedz. I saw that the package reached local post office. I will email you when my order of Generic Soma arrives.

Linda small wood – USThanks, Good Customer Service and quality!

There are few problems with the reviews on Affordable Medz. Firstly, Steve Bahr claimed in his review that he would ‘email [Affordable Medz] when my order of Generic Soma arrives] – this seems an odd thing to write in a review. Why would anybody receive an order, and then email the company they received it from? If that isn’t enough to raise an eyebrow, then I also found that there are no reviews for this website to be found on independent reviewer sites, which is evidence towards the testimonials being fake, probably having been written by the website’s operator.

Affordable Medz Reviews 2016:

Reputation analysis of Affordable Medz by LegitScript
Reputation analysis of Affordable Medz by LegitScript
Affordable Medz Scam Analysis by Scamadviser
Affordable Medz Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

There are no recent reviews to comment on for, which again points towards the likelihood of it being a fraud. Unsurprisingly, Scam Adviser states that this website has actually been threat listed – and that’s a good enough reason alone to not purchase from here. Coupon Codes:

Free Pills Offer on
Free Pills Offer on

Affordable Medz offer 15% extra pills for an order of $350 or more, which seems more than adequate of them seeing as anybody who was to order from this fraudulent website wouldn’t even receive the $350 worth of products, let alone the extra 15%.

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