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As a pharmacy operating for 11 years, assures its clients of 100% satisfaction from its service and products. Generic meds are the only ones available on the site, so affordability is guaranteed on every client purchase. I tried looking for the location where it operates from but I was unable to find out, as there was no information stating where the site is currently located.

There are only a few product categories available on the site. The only medical conditions that caters to are ADHD, Anti-Anxiety, Pain Relief, Weight Loss, Premature Ejaculation, and Erectile Dysfunction. All the products on the site are generic although the site had the brand-name photos for its products (which is misleading). According to the site’s information, all the available items on the site are approved by the US FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and CPA (Certified Public Accountant). These are doubtful claims, I’m afraid, as there are still no US FDA-approved generics for ED meds and honestly, I can’t see any correlation between CPA approvals and the quality of medicines.

Like I have mentioned earlier, ED meds are available on and all the products available are only generics although the photos for the items indicate the brand-name medications. Various Indian-made generics are also available on the site, like Kamagra, Suhagra, Tadacip, and much more. But most items are from unidentified manufacturers and the site did not list any manufacturer information for most of the items it has available. With regards to pricing, sells the 100 mg Sildenafil (with a Viagra photo) for $56 for 30 pills and has Tadalafil (with Cialis’ photo) for $103.79 for 30 pills. There was no further information regarding the manufacturers of these items, so it’s misleading that has photos of the branded ED meds on them. offers 3 delivery options for its clients: First Class mail delivery (3-14 business days, costs $35), Trackable courier (5-25 business days, costs $30), and Unregistered mail (14-35 business days, costs $15). These amounts also vary depending on the amount ordered by the clients. For instance, at $300 clients may have the Unregistered mail shipping for free, and at $400, clients may use the Trackable courier for free. I found it odd though that during checkout, the shipping rates are different; offered only 2 options and those were the Express shipping and Regular shipping. Express is charged $40 while the Regular option is charged $30, which are totally different charges from what the site said on its info.

Payments accepted by are only via Bank Transfers and Credit Cards although, on the front page, the site had a logo for Western Union and MoneyGram. I don’t know how clients are to pay using those payment options since they were not included in the choices for payment during checkout.

Returns are not allowed on the site and there were no discussions regarding refunds for misplaced, incomplete, damaged orders, which I think totally disagrees with’s claim of giving 100% client satisfaction. The site only advises that the clients contact the site’s support in the cases of these mishaps. Clients can reach by using the contact form on one section of the site. The site did not list phone numbers and stated that the support team will be the one to call the clients.

Aimpharmacy Reviews:

Of the site’s attested 11-year service, there were no available client reviews for it from the previous years. The only ones I found were product reviews for 2016. It is still odd though that there were no client reviews available for from the past years, as the bulk of the reviews could have come from the site’s long years of service. I found none from review sites, forums, and blogs as well. This may be indicative that the site is either new or poorly marketed.

Aim Pharmacy Reviews 2016:

Aim Pharmacy Reviews 2016
Aim Pharmacy Reviews 2016
Aim Pharmacy Scam Analysis by Scamadviser
Aim Pharmacy Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

There were client reviews available for’s products for the current year Zeric Paul, a buyer of the site, told in his review that he was able to get the pills on the time promised he would them. As for effectiveness, he said that the products he bought were effective. Although the reviewer seemed pleased with what he bought, the review can’t be fully trusted as it was only found on the site and not from sound review sites.

As for its Scam Adviser rating, was given 59% and clients are advised to deal with the site with caution as it was just a new site. was detected to have and age of merely 330+ days which is totally off from its declared age of 11 years. That’s a deficit of 10 years for the site’s age. It did not have malware reports but it was also perceived to be related to a number of high-risk sites. Coupon Codes:

Coupon, voucher, and discount codes were also unavailable for There were no current offers to help its clients save, which is too bad, as clients (like me) appreciate discounts and freebies from the site. There were offers of conditional free shipping, though; shipping is only free for orders with at least $300 in amount. There were a number of things I would like to point out regarding; first, I did not like how it misleads buyers by placing photos of brand-name medications on its products (which are obviously generics). Another thing is its inconsistency with regards to its shipping fees; the actual charge during checkout is higher than what the site disclosed on its delivery information page. It also claims of having US FDA approved products while no generic ED meds are approved by the US FDA (FDA approvals are usually from the manufacturing countries). Lastly, the site was only detected to have less than a year of runtime instead of its claim of 11 years in service.

Purchasing my ED meds on isn’t an option and I won’t recommend this site to others. There is a considerable number of false and misleading information on this site which I can’t really deal with. I advise to stay away from this site and look for better sites to order ED meds from.

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