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Since this store is named, we can safely assume that all of the products found on this site are ED-related. There are no other products aside from Erectile Dysfunction meds found on All ED Store. As for the location where this the shop operates from, it was not mentioned on the site. There is actually no useful information on’s About Us page, except for a few descriptions of the site’s aim and goals. But, I am guessing that is operating from Europe, as it says that it is able to ship fast to locations within EU.

Branded and generic Rx medications are included in’s product list. Since all ED meds are Rx in nature, I assume that asks its clients for the prescriptions before it ships out any order; but no, does not require any prescription of some sort to accommodate the clients’ orders. All they have to do is to place their orders and pay for the items, and the orders will be shipped accordingly. But even if this is the case, it is always better for clients to ask for their doctors’ approval when taking any of these medications, because there might be risks involved when self-medicating, especially on Rx-alone drugs.

If consumers are wondering if the drugs sold here are FDA-approved or not, the drugs are actually all approved by the FDA for sale and consumption. Even the generic medicines from India are all approved by the FDA of the country, and only sources its products from licensed and FDA-accredited facilities to ensure the meds’ effectiveness and quality.

Since all of the products here are ED meds I had no trouble looking for them here at, unlike my experience with other online stores. But, since all of the items here are for ED, the long list of ED meds got me confused. There are numerous brand and generic meds plus their derivatives here, so I just tried to look at the most commonly availed ones like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. The minimum quantity of sale for Lilly’s Cialis is 12 pieces (20 mg) and costs $106. Levitra by Bayer is also sold for a minimum of 12 pieces also and costs $110.99 (20 mg). It is the same case with Pfizer’s Viagra; the product is sold for a minimum of 12 pieces and costs $95.99 for the 100 mg dose.

There are two shipping options offered by; the regular Airmail service and the Express Trackable service. The former costs only $10 and the latter costs $30. Clients are given the liberty to choose between the two. credits payments from Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, Discover, Diner’s club, and ACH online checks. According to employs 256-bit SSL encryption for its clients’ safety, and is certified by Security Metrics, GeoTrust, and McAfee.

In cases of non-delivery, is guaranteeing its clients that it will do reimbursements of the clients’ payment. The same is the case with damaged or incomplete orders (except orders larger than 90 pills, really ships them in 2 batches); the site is able to do refunds or reshipments for them. has a live chat option, but during my visit, no operator was able to take my messages. can also be phoned at these numbers, though: 900-838132 and 0-808-189-1420.

AllEdStore Reviews:

Alledstore Reviews
Alledstore Reviews

There were several reviews found on, and as expected, they were all recollections of their positive experiences with the site. According to the testimonial by a user named Johnny, it was his first time to order from an online site, and he wasn’t disappointed by, as he was able to receive what he ordered from the site.

Mike from Chicago was also a satisfied customer of According to him, the products sent to him were exactly as the ones in the pictures. Actually, there were more reviews; but I have observed that these were also the same ones I have seen on other sites. I have no idea which site copied which site’s reviews, but the point is that these reviews were unoriginal to A site without its own reviews is certainly a no-no to me, as it reflects dishonesty to some extent, and I wouldn’t want to deal with any dishonest site. Reviews 2016: Trust Rating by Scamadviser Trust Rating by Scamadviser

It is notable too that did not have its 2016 reviews from third-party review sites, or even forum or blog sites. The fact that it didn’t have anything on the web means that it is an unpopular site. I wouldn’t want to deal with an unpopular site either, as there is a reason why clients are turned-off by

Not only’s lack of reviews is notable; the fact that Scam Adviser gave it a zero rating is noteworthy too. Despite the site’s claim of accreditations from various security entities, still detected 0% safety from it. Since it isn’t safe one bit to order from, I wouldn’t push my luck trying to test it if it can indeed deliver.

All Ed Store Coupon Codes:

Free Pills Offer on All Ed Store
Free Pills Offer on All Ed Store

There were no actual voucher codes available for, only a few offers like free pills on every purchase, free shipping for orders $200 and up (Airmail only), and 10% discount for the returning customers. Apart from those mentioned, there were none else, like seasonal discount vouchers and the like.

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