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I am looking for a reliable online drugstore to purchase my drugs without placing a vendetta on my health. is up for a review today.

I am going to look into the drug store and file a comprehensive report and, who knows, it just might be the store where I will purchase my meds. According to the scuttlebutt on, they provide cheap and reliable prescription meds. On top of that, they are associated with reputed names like Ajanta, SunPharma, Cadila, Ranbaxy and Cipla which are FDA accredited manufacturers who have long-standing experience in the industry. All the Generic Drugs are provided in their original packaging. Conspicuously missing though is the day when started operating or even where it is located.

I am is a stingy guy and will save every coin I have at any cost. I mean I love buying at “rock-bottom” prices and this site must be a loadstone of cheap drugs. Moreover, there is a variety of them, and some “celebrity” drugs flying off the shelf are A Ret Gel 0.05% at $3.90 per pack, Azee 1000mg at $10.70 for 6 pills, Careprost 0.03% Solution at $11.50 per pack.

My fears are finally confirmed! Generic Viagra 100mg is retailing at $30 for 50 pills. I wasn’t the best mathematics student, but my teacher would be certainly proud of this. That’s like $0.6 per pill. candidly state that I can pay using, Visa and Western Union. When paying through Western Union which can be done online. For payment through Bank Transfer, I need to first contact customer care for the necessary directions. also offers guaranteed shipping, and if I don’t receive you’re my order within 25 days, they will either fully refund, free-reship or account credit. However, they get to determine the best option that is aligned with their loss prevention guidelines. They ship on a flat rate of $25. The order is delivered in 12 working days. Overseas shipping may take time for delivery. I wonder what went wrong with Jill’s order.

I decided to carry out a quick audit to confirm that is one of those establishments that preach water and drink wine. With limited communication platforms on the site, the email is the only form of communication, and so I seek to indulge. I must admit 24hrs later am yet to receive any news from them and possibly might never. Their motto is a fallacy as this is not the outstanding customer care they have continuously assured and reinforced on the site. Folks, or am I reading from a different script??!!

Customer Service Message Window on
Customer Service Message Window on

All Meds Deal Reviews:

One secret I have come to unearth in my many encounters, I always seek to go through reviews of the customers who have had past dealings with the business. This always gives me a firsthand experience of how the business operates. However I don’t rely on the testimonials on the particular site alone, I also seek independent reviews and opinions from other sites like Cases of manipulation by the site owners can be common to mislead buyers. What aroused my suspicion, my all time favorite independent auditor had no reviews about That notwithstanding, the testimonials on were as follows;

Robert says, “Like to say I got my order, great service. I will tell my friends your store has good prices.”

Gary’s sentiments were,” Got my order today and was impressed. Really fast and so cheap I have been paying hundreds of dollars here in the US.”

Dan says, “I have received my order in 10 days. It will be so helpful.”

Of urgency to note, these testimonials came from the site itself and basing on the crooked nature of Online Drug Stores. My sixth sense tells me they were manipulated!

All Meds Deal Reviews
All Meds Deal Reviews

Allmedsdeal Reviews 2016:

Only a fool would buy the fallacy peddled on One review for a store that purports to be among the largest does no good to calm my nerves! I wonder how Jill missed that.

Luke “thinks” it’s a nice place and he says, “I never had a problem with I placed my order 09/11, and I received 09/23. Everything went smooth as always.”

Allmedsdeal Reviews 2016
Allmedsdeal Reviews 2016 also sees some element of risk on Also worth to note is that the site is rarely visited and my friend Jill might have just to continue sweating it out at the gym! He may never be seeing his drugs.

Allmedsdeal Scam Analysis by Scamadviser
Allmedsdeal Scam Analysis by Scamadviser Coupon Codes: does not offer any discounts or coupons as the site does not indicate so. Probably because there are no drugs in the first place!

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