is Out of Business: What did this Store do? recently was closed down and it’s due to the allegations for the shop. The store did not just fade away from the online scene easily, the store had this notice on its shop and we can say that may have operated in violation of the international (and national) laws for online pharmacy conduct. The store had this message from the United States’ Homeland Security Investigations unit (this is one of the departments of the country’s Customs Department) stating that “intentionally and knowingly” sold counterfeit products and that that the shop also committed copyright infringement. has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

There is no current update on the status of (if the perpetrators/site owners were reprimanded or evaded the law). No reports of the store’s resurfacing were available, so we can’t tell if its owners were indeed caught. Sometimes, shops tend to merge with other stores, but in the case of, we also can’t say if this store returned to selling products online after this legal reprimand. History

We were able to locate recovered information for using the Wayback Machine, and the earliest available records for (data from 2008 to 2012) indicated that the shop was not an actual online store for drug needs, but a website design service. However, during 2014, the shop changed into an online pharmacy offering generic drugs for various medical conditions. The store had an alternative name (or was an affiliate site for) Trusted Tablets and its content was identical with many online stores we’ve encountered online. was a “reliable supplier of generic medications” which offered reasonable deals for interested clients. Mian Page Mian Page information stated that it was in operation for 9 years, but clearly, the information was misleading, since the store was younger than 9 years. According to, all of its products were approved by the food and drug authority, although it was not stated which country’s FDA approved the products. As for the store prices, the items were affordably priced so the buyers were able to purchase low-cost meds on the store. Alternatives is not the only online store where you can purchase meds from. There are a lot of similar stores on the web, so you can surely find alternatives for this store. Online shops with cheap medications are abundant on the web, but the problem is, not all of them can be trusted to deliver good service to the clients. In order to help you pick the best shops on the web for your medical needs, we have our list of trustworthy suppliers you can use for pharmaceutical purchases. It is still advantageous to buy your meds in stores which you can trust, so we thought of helping you find the most reliable drug sources on the web. The online shops included on our list of top drugstores to source your generic meds from stocks products for various medical conditions and only products which are guaranteed safe and effective. Choose from these top vendors today and save more!

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