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This online pharmacy, is a store which started in 2007 and provides a large selection of both branded and generic meds to the clients who are in need of the meds. As indicated in the site, it has over 3000 kinds of prescription drugs available, as well as OTC drugs too.

Since offers branded meds, it can be said that what it sells are approved by the FDA (for the branded meds, at least). There was no mention of the site having accreditations from several drug regulating bodies. The store sells generics, but the FDA approvals of these meds remain undisclosed.

As for the prescriptions, clients can avail of the site’s products without ever submitting one, as Rx’s are not at all required by the site for any order. does not give medical advice though; it is up to its clients to go figure what they need to order, and are encouraged to undergo a real consultation with their local doctors first before ordering anything.

I was able to search for erectile dysfunction meds, and it has some available for purchase. For Sildenafil, the only ones available are the generic ones; there is no Pfizer-made Viagra here. The minimum order amount of the pills is 90 pieces, but the site sells them for less though. The cheapest in the generic Viagra lineup was Sidigra (100 mg), which costs only $112 for 90 pieces. No brand-name variant is also available for Tadalafil, and the site offers only a single variant for the product. 40 pieces is the minimum quantity for generic Cialis, and costs $98. The company takes payments from clients through credit card payments only.

According to’s info, there is no minimum order, but clients with orders below $70 will be charged $30 for a low order fee. Shipping fee for this site is a flat $10. Transit time of the orders usually takes up to 21 days. Regarding orders which are received damaged, the site offers reshipments for free. Unfortunately, there was no discussion regarding non-receipt of orders or refund policies. Just the reshipment was discussed under the “refunds” topic. may only be contacted by accomplishing the e-mail form found in the site. It is dubious enough that the site does not have any contact numbers; it doesn’t also have any physical address indicated in its site. I am thinking that the pharmacy would be very hard to contact in cases of problems regarding the order process arise. Reviews: Reviews Reviews

Eileen (UK) thanks the site because she was able to receive her order. Another testimonial, written by James (US), was a thank-you for the site’s ability to send his order. According to the client, he had been ordering from the site for 2 years, and given the site’s ability to please, he will continue to do so.

There were no other reviews for the site from external sources. These reviews for were only found within it, and therefore are not-so-reliable. The comments didn’t even have time signatures in them, which makes it impossible to see when they were posted. Also, there weren’t any details to further verify their purchases from the site.

I find it hard to believe such comments since there are a lot of sites using fake reviews to manipulate clients into buying from them. Since there were no external reviews to prove that this site is legit, I will continue to think of it as a suspicious site.

All Real Meds Reviews 2016:

Scamadviser Report on All Real Meds
Scamadviser Report on All Real Meds

The Scam Adviser rating for this site was also low; the site was only rated 46%, and was threat-listed. Based on the site-check by scam adviser, the site was indeed 9 years of age, but has malware reports linked to it. The site was also listed as a Rogue pharmacy, meaning it acquired several reports of swindling and bad customer service over the past few years.

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There are also no available coupon or discount codes from the site. Free shipping for any amount is also unavailable.

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