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Front Page of is a long-running site (started 1998) based  in Arizona which caters mostly to US, Canada, and a handful of countries (Japan, Switzerland, etc.). This site is legally selling branded prescription meds, and according to the site info, the “leading U.S. facilitator” for Rx meds online. The main drift of is providing access to branded medication to people who do not have the time to go through actual consultations. This site employs U.S.-licensed physicians to evaluate client’s’ medical sheets and prescribe the proper treatment (Rx) online; thus removing the need for sending prescriptions for order dispatch.

Unlike the common online pharmacies, only has a handful of products in its list. There’s the ED meds, hair loss, weight loss, anti-viral, allergy meds, and skincare products. For ED medication, the site has the famous brands: Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, with the addition of Staxyn and Stendra. As branded meds, of course, all of these drugs are approved and certified by the US FDA. is probably good news to those who prefer only branded drugs.

The only thing about though, is that its meds are too expensive. Its Viagra by Pfizer costs $69 per pill of either the 100 mg or the 50 mg variant. Cialis by Lilly is also as expensive, with the price at $73 per pill. Clients are obliged to buy at least 3 pills per order, so an order costs around $200. For me, $200 for 3 pills is way too much money to spend for 3 pieces of ED pills. It’s outrageous. Viagra only costs more or less $100 per box of 4 pills in the local pharmacies. I wonder why this site charges sky-high fees.

If ever clients would like to spend their money on these uber-expensive meds, they can pay through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. Money orders are accepted by the site too. Shipping expenses cost $26.95 for overnight shipping, $19.95 for 2-day shipping, and $13.95 for 3-5 day shipping. To be honest, these fees are also expensive considering the amount this site charges for its meds. Since this site ships mostly to US and Canada alone, I have been expecting lower fees—better yet, free shipping; since its products are worth a fortune. accepts returns only for unopened packages. For wrong orders, the site advises that the clients contact Support first and wait for their “return confirmation approval” number before returning the products with their complete inclusions. I haven’t found any policy mentioning damaged orders or the non-delivery of the products.

The site offers 24/7 support for all clients in need of assistance regarding the order process. The operator I spoke with was friendly and was able to answer all my queries. Aside from the chat support, the site can also be contacted through email ([email protected]) and through phone calls (1-877-745-5779 Toll-Free, 480-505-5711 Phone).

Customer Service Support via Live Chat on
Customer Service Support via Live Chat on

Ameri Med Rx Reviews:


Ameri Med Rx Reviews
Ameri Med Rx Reviews

I have found several external reviews for from They were actually good reviews of the site; the clients were mostly happy with their orders.

John Myers (May 12, 2009) gave the site and overall rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. He commented that the site is “very reliable” and got his orders right the first time. The only downside was that the prices of the products in the site were “a bit higher” than the other sites; nevertheless, the client would rather pay more for the genuine meds than get fakes from other sites.

Another review, by JV Rich (July 18, 2009) also commended the site on their reliability when it comes to service; this client received his order within 30 hours. This client gave the site a 5/5 rating.

The client Chaz also gave the site high praises with regards to good service and quality products. His only concern was also the price; but he was generally satisfied with his order because he was also able to receive it in a short amount of time. He also noted that the company shipped him authentic Viagra by Pfizer tablets and not generics.

I am impressed by the third-party reviews of It is indeed notable that the site is able to do a great job in giving service to its consumers. My only concern with these reviews is the date—these were all reviews from 2009-2010, and none more recent. I am worried about the years that were left out; the site’s current service may not be as good as the service it’s been offering 6 or so years ago.

AmeriMedRx Reviews 2016:

AmeriMedrx Trust Rating by Scamadviser
AmeriMedrx Trust Rating by Scamadviser

As I’ve mentioned previously, there were no recent reviews of the site (2016); the closest review to this current year is from 2010, which was 6 years ago. A site’s service can drastically change in a month (or a year, at least); more so in 6 years. It is unusual that the site does not have recent reviews from clients other than those. This has a negative implication on the site. It’s either the company is underperforming recently, or that it just doesn’t have that many clients to give reviews about the purchases. Whatever reasons there are, I’m still suspicious of the fact that the site did not have ample reviews for the current year especially if it indeed offers great client service.

Scam Adviser’s analysis is off too. The site was only given a 13% rating, and was labeled “high risk”. This does not imply good things about the site either. Scam Adviser gave the site a “low-trust rating” and indicated that the site “may not be safe to use”. Coupon Codes:

Freebie on
Freebie on did have a promo for the clients; the site is giving away free “pill splitters” for new clients. I don’t think this promo is going to encourage clients to buy at all. Given the sky-high pricing of this site, I was expecting at least a “free shipping” bid or something like a 10-20% discount on featured pills. This special offer looks hilarious considering the site’s prices. I am definitely not buying anything in this site just for a free pill splitter.

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