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What sets apart from other online steroid stores is that it claims to sell only FDA-approved, genuine pharmaceutical products and none else. Other steroid stores steer away from the mention of “FDA” approvals, for some unknown reason. According to, it does not sell underground or illegal products. Although it is commendable on being able to sell legit products only, it does not differ much from the other sites in the area of disclosing its location or its history of service.

Aside from the obvious steroids, is also selling a number of common Rx meds like antibiotics, weight loss pills, diuretics, pain relief meds, anti-depressants, men’s health meds, and a number of other products. These meds include meds from generic and brand-name manufacturers, and all were products approved by the FDA for use and sale. Regarding the sale of steroids, however, I have no idea, because as far as I know, the meds are still illegal to sell online. did not mention anything about asking its clients for prescriptions for their Rx needs. It may be because isn’t a real pharmacy (just an intermediary), because real, licensed pharmacies always ask for Rx’s from clients, and if not available, pharmacies always have doctors linked to their sites to do the prescribing so that clients may legally avail the products. It may also be that is operating illegally, as steroids are classified as controlled substances and are never allowed to be dispensed without proper Rx.

Since had other products aside from steroids, I was able to find erectile dysfunction meds on its men’s health meds lineup. ED meds being sold here include brand-name meds and generic meds from famous Indian manufacturers. Vardenafil or Levitra by Bayer (20 mg) is available here and costs $92.23 for a box of 4 tabs. Cialis by Lilly (Tadalafil) in 20 mg is also available and is sold for $91.13 per box of 4 pills. However, Viagra by Pfizer (100 mg) is also available and is sold at $75.76 for a box of 4 pills. I have noticed that the prices for these brand-name meds are average; neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. They’re just OK.

As for the shipping, charges $15.37 for Registered Airmail or Regular Mail the shipping choice takes about 3 weeks waiting time for orders to arrive. Payments accepted by are unique too, as it is capable of processing orders via Credit Cards like Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX (for Bitcoin payment processing), Western Union, and Money Gram payments. Other steroid sites are not accepting credit card payments for some reason.

Unfortunately, refunds or reshipments are not available under any circumstance, as the company deems that it’s not liable for any losses incurred during shipments. Clients may contact support using the message function available on the site. It is the only way to contact the site, though, as there is no other contact information available to contact the site with. Reviews:

No client reviews for from reputable review sites were available for reference. It would have been helpful to have reviews from clients who’ve had previous experience in dealing with the site. But since there were none available, I can only assume that the site isn’t trustworthy enough to handle client orders.

Anabolic Pharma Reviews 2016:

There were a few client reviews available for Anabolic Pharma but were only found on its site. Nathan Knaub, who posted on April 20, 2016, commended for its low prices and effective products. But aside from those native site reviews, there were no external client reviews available for

Anabolic Pharma Reviews 2016
Anabolic Pharma Reviews 2016

I also came across this analysis by Scam Adviser, which gave a 64/100 rating with regards to safety.

Scamadviser Reports on Anabolic Pharma
Scamadviser Reports on Anabolic Pharma

According to the result, is a 7-year-old site which operates from Russia. Scam Adviser considers Russia as a high-risk country due to high incidences of fraud detected for the said location.

Anabolic-pharma Coupon Codes:

Discounts for New Customers on Anabolic-pharma
Discounts for New Customers on Anabolic-pharma already lowered its prices for 30% on some of their products. In addition to that, offers an additional 10% discount for its clients on all Asia Pharma and British Dragon products through the use of this code, SDCFAPBD10.

Coupon Codes are Using on Anabolic-pharma
Coupon Codes to Use on Anabolic-pharma

There’s also this “Fall Awards 2016” promo valid until December 2016. The site is giving away freebies such as Tamoxol, Silda-Viagra, and Mastabolic for orders with certain purchase totals.

Fall Awards on Anabolic-pharma
Fall Awards on Anabolic-pharma

New customers are also given a 20% treat by; they only have to use the code APSAN 20 to be able to avail of the promo.

Aside from all of those discount offers, the site has a monthly draw where 3 winners would be selected and given products for free.

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