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Another addition to the existing number of steroid-vending suspicious shops is According to what was stated on the site, is a 24-hour online pharmaceuticals shop with only 100% genuine products sourced directly from the manufacturers and “best” legitimate pharmacies.’s copyright started 2005. There wasn’t any mention of the exact location of the business, but according to site information, ships out its products from various points in USA and EU countries. proudly claims that all of the products found on the website are guaranteed authentic. Also, claims that it is a “licensed distributor” of pharmaceutical products which are all prescription-free. But from what I know, there are only a handful of legitimate suppliers of these substances, and the dispensing of controlled substances, by law, requires valid prescriptions., however, states that a client should check his country’s laws for importation of steroids and similar substances so that there wouldn’t be a problem with regards to possession of the meds. Clients should be careful in purchasing meds from online shops without checking first the legalities associated with the drugs, as numerous civilian arrests have been reported related to merely the possession of illegally acquired controlled substances like these steroids.

As for the FDA approvals, there was no mention anywhere at The store just went so far as to declare that its products were original (and not fakes), but did no mention of the products being approved for export by drug regulating bodies such as the FDA.

Although the main products of are generally the steroids, human hormones, and post-cycle therapies, it also includes meds for men’s health, weight loss, anti-depressants, hair loss, and stimulants. But since I am particularly interested in men’s health meds (particularly the ones for erectile dysfunction), I only checked’s price list for them.

I have discovered that the store has both branded and Indian-made generics for the ED meds. I was glad to see all familiar brand manufacturers on the list, such as Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Lilly ICOS, and Ajanta Pharma. As for the prices, there were cheaply priced meds, such as the Viagra made by Pfizer Greece; the cost of 4 100 mg tablets is just $21. There was also an affordable Cialis (Lilly ICOS); the 10-piece pack of the 20 mg variant is sold for $130. There were just a good amount of ED meds on the site, and just enough to allow clients to be able to choose (without hassle) ED meds that suit them.

Unfortunately, is not one site where a client would want to place a test order because it has a minimum required order of $410. I was just baffled why needed to have a minimum order for the products. It was the first time I have ever encountered a site requiring clients a minimum purchase amount, which, mind you, is quite a large amount. has two shipping options available for its clients. The pharmacy’s regular shipping costs $19 and the express option costs $57. The products are dispatched 3-5 days after the store receives payments from its clients (via Western Union, Money Gram, or Wire Transfers). There are different transit times for each continent but usually takes around 5 to 17 days for the regular shipping option and 1-2 days for the express option. In cases of customs seizure, covers all the losses. With regards to non-deliveries and related incidences, there was no discussion, so it’s better to ask’s support for the questions.

I could not find even a single contact information about There was no phone number, no physical address, or even just an e-mail address. Buyers may only send support a message through the messaging function on the site’s Contact tab. The fact that had nothing for its contact info made me think that something is definitely not right with this site. Reviews: Reviews Reviews

Reviews for dating 4 years back were available at, and surprisingly, all the client testimonials were from mad clients who weren’t able to receive anything from the source.

Strawman told in his review that he got scammed by the site for $600. He waited 3 months for the products prior to his review, but nothing was sent. He emailed the a couple of times, but he wasn’t given a clear answer for his emails.

John0311 was also a client who wasn’t able to receive anything from According to him, he ordered a couple of items from the site and paid through WU, and the payment was confirmed to be received by the store. But after the payment, he hasn’t heard anything from the site since. The client posted an update 3 weeks post his first review, and he told that he still wasn’t able to receive his orders. He was told that the items were shipped, but no details were given, and he was still unable to receive anything.

Anabolics24 Reviews 2016:

Anabolics24 Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Anabolics24 Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Confirming the all-negative customer reviews from was the meager 10% trust rating from was given a negative rating by Scam adviser due to reports of malware activity, and negative client feedback. Also, the site’s owner is using a service to hide its identity. is obviously a scam, so clients should just keep away from this site, as the other clients so warned in their reviews.

Anabolics 24 Coupon Codes:

Coupon codes were unavailable for There also wasn’t a free shipping promo available for this pharmacy, even if it asks clients for a minimum order of $410 for each transaction. A large minimum order and no discount codes are shady details to me.

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