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I have been looking for a cheap, reliable online drugstore to procure my medications. My first benchmark is solely anchored on compliance. I first lay my hand on They say never judge a book by its cover, but you might ignore the cover only to find blank pages inside.

There is a lot of apprehensive scoops. The first hiccup immediately flies in my face. They haven’t indicated the inception date. To me, that’s reason enough to trigger an alarm in my system. The site does not state where it is operating from, neither does it indicate whether they stock FDA approved medications.

The store sells a wide array of drugs that include Anabolic Steroids, biological hormones, androgenic hormones, steroids and ED products. They sell very few varieties of ED drugs, among those Cialis (Tadalafil) 20mg x 4 tabs cost $55 and Kamagra Oral Jelly (Assorted Flavours) 50 x 100mg sachets cost $110. casts wide their payment methods net. I mean the biggest sole purpose of opening a business is making an extra dollar after all. They have Money Transfer, as it is an easy and reliable transfer. Would you be willing to be caught with your hand in the cookie jar? My guess is as good as yours, let people pay first and faster before they realize their money is lost, you have disappeared. Funny enough, they will send the order after they receive the money! will ship your prescription to every corner of the world for free for orders above $500. I am getting used of this cliché by the mushrooming Online Drug Stores. particularly uses registered airmail and Express Courier at an additional cost of $50. Missing is the information on when or how long does it take to receive my order… This is terrible! Karma is best-served cold, I am not ready to be served with cold stuff and I will avoid by any necessary means losing my money.

This inspires my detective mode to a higher level, and I seek to know what would happen if my order was confiscated by the customs. The canny site advises me that in case my order is confiscated, I should not reply to the customs; instead, I should scan the letter from the customs and email it to them, so that they can resend it at half price to another uncompromised address not (excluding the high products). Sorry, folks, I am a patriotic law abiding citizen and if the customs want me to answer any question I will without a second thought, why would they send me the order in another address?? What does uncompromised address mean?? If the drugs are genuine why would the government have a problem?

I seek the indulgence of the customer care. To my surprise, the email system never worked as it kept telling me that have given the wrong validation code. Come on! I’m not that old not to see four digits; I went to an elite school and alphabets were not an issue to me. Moreover, this took around 20 minutes to load and for the site to realize that I had entered the wrong code. Up to now, I am still getting the same error. My internet is okay, and this site has completely betrayed my trust.

Customer Service Message Window on
Customer Service Message Window on

Anabolic Today Reviews:

Since there are no reviews on the site, I seek the independent reviews from other sites and going by these reviews. The guilty are always afraid. My fears are confirmed as seems to be a scam.

For example;

Deejayrex says, “I did not see that you aren’t supposed to have tracking codes. Whatever this site is a scam. He continues to say,” I placed a $400 order; the order was shipped but never left Thailand. They said they would reship the order at half the price which I paid and it was assigned to someone else in Bang Lampung.”

HK couldn’t agree more, his sentiments were, “I agree. I placed a small order with no problem. Placed a second order and he order never left the country but was returned to sender. They claimed that they don’t put a return address, but the package was delivered and signed for. Don’t do business with these scammers.”

This puts the final nail in the coffin, and the site is a scam.

Anabolic Today Reviews
Anabolic Today Reviews

AnabolicToday Reviews 2016:

To come up with a comprehensive review, I seek the assistance of I am not surprised by the fact that has been earmarked as posing a threat and its popularity rate is unknown. Who would deal with such a site? No one, I guess.

Anabolictoday Scam Analysis by Scamadviser
Anabolictoday Scam Analysis by Scamadviser Coupon Codes:

The slightest indication of an offer by is the free shipping offer for orders above $500 which is ambiguous enough not to be trusted.

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on
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