Review – New Site (105 days) with 0% Trust Rating Home Home is one of the steroid stores on the web, but this site in particular ships to European countries only. It markets its reliability by telling its prospective clients that it is unlike online scam sites, and here, clients may enjoy complete shopping privacy. Since only ships to EU countries, it may be based there too, but since it wasn’t indicated on the site where it is really located; but there was a mention of the site having a warehouse in Bucharest (Romania) and Koln (Germany).

Although sells mainly anabolic steroids in various forms (oral, injectable, etc.), it also has sexual health meds. There was really not much information to find on (as expected with steroid sites), so it wasn’t indicated whether the meds/substances sold on the site are ones which were approved by the FDA. also promotes that its site is able to sell the products without the need for doctors’ prescriptions. Even though there wasn’t any disclaimer or special instruction for the clients regarding the purchase of the meds, clients should take these products under medical supervision, especially the steroids, since they can meddle with and alter the body’s chemical composition.

The only meds aside from the steroids found on are the sexual health meds, the Erectile Dysfunction meds in particular. Browsing the products, I was able to discover that only has ED meds from generic makers in India and several herbal remedies; it did not have brand name ED medications. The meds were good, though, as they came from renowned ED manufacturers like Ajanta Pharma. There were a limited number of products, though; there were just about 15 products available, and only a number were Sildenafil and Tadalafil, as the rest were herbal meds.

As for the prices, sells Kamagra pills (Sildenafil, 100 mg) at $15 for a box of 4 pills. Tadalafil, however, is just sold in oral jelly form (Apcalis Oral Jelly, 20 mg) and is offered at $16.97 for a week supply (7 sachets). Additional drug information is indicated in the product description on the site for client reference, which I find nice. Prices for these ED products give good deals, but I am not yet convinced to get my stash from

A flat shipping rate is implemented on all orders; clients are charged roughly $25 for each order shipped. Shipping is via regular post only and takes about 5-7 business days. But, has a special rate for the following countries ($33.5) for the DPD delivery (faster, takes only 4 days): Italy, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, France, Spain, Denmark, UK, Holland, Sweden, and Portugal. Shipping cost along with the order costs may be paid for using bank transfers and credit card payments.

Expired and damaged items are eligible for reshipments and refunds. The other cases like non-deliveries and incomplete orders, however, were not discussed. Products which qualify for the reimbursements should be returned to’s Bucharest warehouse. Refunds are to include only the main cost of the meds; the shipping fees aren’t included in the reimbursements. is the only steroid shop that has disclosed its email (so far); in fact the only steroid shop with a phone number and an address. Interested individuals may contact using the contact info below:


Anabolik Shop

Koln, Germany




[email protected] (note, that is it a personal email ID). Reviews

Although I wasn’t surprised that did not have client reviews posted on various review sites regarding its service, I still can’t help but wonder why it wouldn’t have one. There may be a number of reasons; it may be due to lack of exposure, lack of years in service, or just a totally bad client service or reputation. Since it did not have client reviews which I could check to verify its credibility, I can’t just simply entrust the site with my orders.

Anabolik-shop Reviews 2016

Scamadviser Reports on Anabolik-shop
Scamadviser Reports on Anabolik-shop

If did not have client reviews for the past year, it also did not have its own for the current year. Buyers (if there were any at all) remained to keep silent regarding’s service, which is not a good thing. Silence from the clients’ end does not mean good for

I was able to look at this review/analysis from Scam Adviser, though; but, it wasn’t encouraging at all since it gave 0% out of the possible 100 when it came to its trust rating. It was rated so due to its age; the site was only 105 days old and less than 6 months in the industry. Although it had not been associated with a number of bad reports, the risks involving a new site are always great, as determined by Scam Adviser.

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Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $388 on Anabolik Shop
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $388 on Anabolik Shop did not have any coupon or discount codes available for its clients to purchase but had a free shipping qualification instead. Clients are given free shipping for their orders if their orders exceed 350 euro or $388, which is a lower quota when compared to other steroid sites which are able to ship free only for orders $600 and above.

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