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From the onset, let me clearly state what I feel about and the go ahead and argue my case. At the end of it all, you will prove me wrong.

For starters, the site doesn’t indicate where it operates from. Ouch! Secondly, they don’t mention when they started operating. You think I am discrediting them? Kindly visit the site and tell me where you see that info. I could have stopped here had I not seen whether their products are FDA approved but lucky enough they have indicated.

I love the fact that they are selling a wide array of drugs including but not limited to; Anti-acidity, Anti- herpes, Anti-inflammatory, Pain relief, skin care and many others. My must have Viagra is sufficiently represented in the council of Men’s health, and it is vending at $316.01 for 270,100 mg pills its substitute Cialis selling at $316.23 for 60, 40 mg pills. This comes with privileges such as money saving since for such orders they will offer free delivery. I must say I am tempted to change my stand on the store, but I am determined to stand my ground to the end even if it means ending up in hell.

They only accept Credit Cards only as the mode of payment. It’s only logic after payment that the shipping is done after giving Caesar what belongs to him right? Fortunately, the scoop on the site gives me the freedom to choose between Express Mail Service which takes a ceiling of 14 days to be delivered and it can be tracked. Alternatively, I can use the regular Airmail and takes 21-28 days to reach me. The Registered Mail will cost $14.95 while Express Mail will cost $29.95. They, however, do claim that in case my order is flagged at the customs they will reship the order for free or even offer a full refund of my money.

It is only prudent to engage the customer care so that at the end of it all I will be held liable for my position on this site. I did this using the live chat, and this will come as a surprise to you. They never replied surprised? Yes, I know you are, but personally, I am not at all I expected that. Do you want a prove? How about a screenshot!

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Ao-Mall Reviews:

I bet you will start digressing from this point. There were no reviews from the previous clients whatsoever. Despite having “dealt” with an unrivaled number of clients as they state, they have no single review from any of them under their belt. What a shame.Where did the truth go in this God’s green world? This only proves that the pedigree of this site cannot be internally established. You must be agreeing with me.This site is only peddling propaganda about the online following it has yet in real sense there are none. Otherwise, where are the reviews they left after the outstanding service that the store boasts of?

Ao Mall Reviews 2016:

See what I found! Independent reviews site Guess what they think? That it is a legit site, right? Wrong! They believe that the site is a classical definition of a rogue internet pharmacy. Even better they say that it does not come anywhere near the doorstep of Internet pharmacy verification standards.

Reputation analysis of Ao Mall by LegitScript
Reputation analysis of Ao Mall by LegitScript

Look who thinks the same! makes their reservations known by awarding a low trusting rate. Disrobing the site further they believe that the site is based in Netherlands, but the family tree might have been sowed in China. That’s an interesting combination. Who is laughing now?

listen to this! they have a very low popularity rate. That’s bad to all the fellowship members of this “church” who totally disagreed with me when I was starting this review.

Ao Mall Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Ao Mall Trust Rating by Scamadviser Coupon Codes:

To attract even more customers, the site is offering some mouth-watering deals.

They will waive the delivery fee for orders above $199.58, $249.94 and $299.95 on top of that I can save a fortune on these orders

The icing on the cake is, these respective orders come with an additional 10 free pills.

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