is Down: What’s Next for Buyers?

When was still in business, it was involved in a lot of scandals and accusations but that was not enough to get the online vendor to leave. This website, which offered its services as an internet pharmacy, was the bane of a lot of customers when it comes to ordering pills online. That they sell pills alone was not the thing that made them endeared to many, but for the competitive prices that they manage to offer too. That is why it was somewhat shocking when it was discovered that this domain has been taken off the internet. has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

In a move by the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – Homeland Security Investigations, this arm of the law was in accordance with a court order to close down all business activities and transactions of According to the banner which is now on the domain for any and all to see, the website was closed down solely because of copyright infringement.

This is not the firsts time that we would have websites get booted off the internet for one reason or the order. However, there is a special twist in the case of Not only would the business be prevented from opening again, the owners face up to five years’ incarceration with the additional burden of at least, a $250,000 fine. History operated its business for a period of four years. From the banner on their website (back in the day) they were being operated out of the United States of America. There is a slew of pills on display, and they sold anything from the generic to the brand medicines. Competitive prices and coupon codes would have been some of the things to make them a customer favourite back in the days of operation. Main Page Main Page

While there was nothing but stunning reviews of the website on their own platform,, which liked to advertise itself as a reliable online pharmacy, might have overstepped the boundary. According to ScamAdviser, there is reason to doubt that the location of this website is truly the United States. Getting a low trust rating matched the opinion of where could only get a 2% overall score.

Finally, LegitScript killed the fireworks by making a bold claim about being nothing more than a rogue website. Alternatives

Whether or not were great during their years of service is not up for debate anymore. What has happened has happened, and they are now off the internet. Looking forward, there are still some safe and trusted websites out there where you can get quality and cheap pills from.

If you are looking for the best prices on your pills (either brand or generic) and you have no idea what internet pharmacy to take your business to, take out a moment to browse through our list of top e-pharmacy websites. Not only are the reviews are written based on extensive research and scam verification, they are supported by the real customer reviews. You get to see various options and the one which suits you best.

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