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I am composing a list of online stores that I can use or recommend when there is a need for Erectile Dysfunction medication. Or what is even better – to advise against myriads of scam drugs selling sites popping online everyday like mushrooms after the rain. The, as the name suggests, is aimed to deliver trust to the users. The owners of this site are from the UK and they promise to deliver fully licensed and regulated treatments; the General Pharmaceutical Council regulates this and similar sites. The health professionals are qualified and have been approved by the General Medical Council.

Some of the treatments I found include lifestyle medicines, Orlistat Weight Loss, erectile dysfunction, Anti-Malaria Medication, Premature Ejaculation, Norethisterone Period Delay, Sumatriptan Migraine Relief, Cystitis Treatment and women’s health. The price of popular ED medication has an average cost of Viagra (50 mg -4 tablets) will cost me £16.00; Cialis (10mg – 4 tablets) will cost me £39.99; and Levitra (10 mg- 4 tablets) will cost me £43.00.

My order will be posted via Royal Mail; the standard delivery is free of charge whereas the Special Delivery will cost me £4.95. The standard delivery time is about 1-3 days, if I take the special delivery service, I will receive the special delivery within 24 hours. The best way to understand return policy is through their contact address such as the email, by phone or filing a form; the mail address is provided. I called them and discovered that their return policy does not allow returned medicine or used again, they can only be destroyed. However, according to the store, Assured Pharmacy offers product replacements and refunds in lieu of returns. Customers should make sure that every drug has the correct strength and medicine. Reviews has well been reviewed to the extent that it earned a 9.8 star on the 1-to-10 scale. I have a feeling that the positive reviews are due to their services and quality of products and not simply a marketing tool like with many fishy daily pharmacies, posting reviews themselves on their own sites. The reviews on the independent site I found go all the way back to 2014 – about 1407 reviews in total. Let us look at some of the 2015 reviews and see if they shed light on the type of services they provide. Customers Rating Customers Rating

On 11 November 2015, Tony Webber left a 10-star rating on the independent site for his recent order. He came out as a regular customer who highly benefits from their services. This is what he said, “Ordered from Assured Pharmacy, and as usual excellent service, very fast delivery, very competitive prices, very well laid out ordering process, I really can’t praise this company highly enough!” Reviews on Trustpilot Reviews on Trustpilot

Another customer, Andy, gave the same rating and mentioned that their services were excellent. He has no problem whatsoever with Assured Pharmacy products and services. These were his words, “What a great company to deal with. Their product and service levels are both excellent. No problem at all in recommending them.”

The positive reviews came from an independent review site, so I will say that has an excellent reputation which I highly recommend.

Assured Pharmacy Reviews 2017 has recent reviews that we can also discuss. Let’s consider Mr. Sam Timmins’s review. The customer left an 8-star rating and a summary saying that the ordering process was easy. He is happy with the services he receives from the store as an occasional customer. He said, “I have used this site on a few occasions now. It is always easy to order, deliveries are quick and discreet, prices seem to be good, all in all very happy.” Feedback 2017 Feedback 2017

On the other hand, another customer, Chris H, left a 10-star rating noting that the online store has very efficient services. He praises the customer support and the ordering system which was simple to him. His real words were, “Very friendly staff to deal with and my tablets always arrive the following day. Now past orders and brief medical details are held on their system the process is even easier.” Feedback 2017 Feedback 2017

The impressive number of positive reviews I have come across for this year suggests that their services and product are just intended by the vendor. Running a scam test, I found out that this site looks safe to use- it has High Trust Rating.

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We all have weak spots and mine can be exposed when I find a cheap store which gives me a saving option. I know that most of the time that it is a strategy used by companies to increase customers, it is always a win-win situation. This site offers the lowest prices as they promise to check prices and remain competitive. I am glad to know that Assured Pharmacy is committed to providing the best prices, medicine, and customer service.

Apart from the price promise guarantee, has a shipping and handling offer: I can send my 1st Class Recorded with Royal Mail for Free. Free product and services save a lot of time and money creating a good customer to company relationship. Even if they have fewer offers, their reputation keeps soaring high as the days go by. is Providing Free Shipping is Providing Free Shipping
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