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Most steroid pharmacies carry not only steroids but also vitamins, weight loss meds, estrogen inhibitors, as well as erectile dysfunction meds. is one such steroid store that has it all. I reviewed it recently to learn about its distinctive offerings and evaluate as to how good it is as a source for ED meds:

I learned from the information given on the home page that this online steroid pharmacy is based in Europe and has been in operation since 2002. I could see that the meds available here are in the following categories: Anti-Estrogens, Antipsychotics, Anti-Asthmatics, Acne Treatment, Antibiotics, MAO-B Inhibitors, Obesity / Weight Loss, Antidepressants, Contraceptives, Men’s Health, Smoking Aid, Anti-Estrogens, Pain – Migraine, and Mood Stabilizers / Epilepsy.

Since I was interested in finding distinctive ED meds here, so I checked out Men’s Health category. I found that 4 tablets of Pfizer Vaigra (100 mg) cost $80.00. On the other hand, 4 tablets of Vigrande (10 mg) cost $20.00. Meanwhile, 2 tablets of Lilly Cialis (20 mg) cost $ 60.00 and 4 tablets of Lifta 920 mg) cost $40.00. Furthermore, the pharmacy specifies that Vigrande and Afilta that are being sold here are Viagra and Cialis equivalents, and not generics! So they are FDA approved and are likely to be more effective than generics found here. I also learned from the ‘How to Order’ page that prescriptions, along with transaction IDs, are required to be submitted from a valid physician through fax or email (listed on the site).

There is one way to contact the customer care department at this pharmacy that is via email addresses listed on the Contact Us page: [email protected] and [email protected] I sent an email through these email addresses. There are no phone numbers listed or a Live Chat option available for instant support.

It’s not clear as to which payment methods are valid at this pharmacy from the information given on the site. I learnt that all the orders are dispatched through Registered Airmail. A shipping fee of $20 is levied on orders below $250. However, shipment is free on orders amounting to $250 and above. Delivery time to the European countries is 5 – 7 days and 10 days approximately to the USA after orders are dispatched. However, the delivery time for all other destinations can be to 15 days. I also found out that this pharmacy ships meds everywhere except Austria, Finland, and Norway.

The vendor offers a refund in case a customer is not satisfied with a purchased med, though it also states that it is highly unlikely as the meds sold here are genuine. Reviews:

Though the site doesn’t feature any reviews from its regular customers, I was able to find some reviews related to this online pharmacy on the much reputable Anabolic Steroid Forum, Pharmacy Reviewer, eRoids, etc.

Here is what I discovered from a review on Anabolic Steroid Forum: A new buyer, with the alias Magog has written that when he placed an order of Caber at this pharmacy and paid $38 for it. Yet he hasn’t heard from the customer care of this site even though a month has passed, not even an order confirmation email. They link to Verisite doesn’t disclose anything. The promised delivery time is 2 weeks as per the details given on the site and yet 4 weeks have gone by and still not a word from them. Thus, in the light of his negative experience, he is pleading others to stay away from this offshore and seemingly “scam” pharmacy. Reviews Reviews

However, there are more reviews found on Pharmacy Reviewer and they are a mix of extremely positive experience or extremely negative. For instance, a customer by the name of Neil wrote on July 20, 2015, that he has placed so far four orders here and has experienced that the pharmacy is “100% legit and (has) authentic products.” But the experience of another user bentalready hasn’t been so positive. He has reported on February 09, 2014 on the forum that he placed an order at this pharmacy a month ago and hasn’t heard from them since then. There are also ratings besides the review about this pharmacy, all of which are a mix of 2-3 stars or 4-5. Reviews Reviews

My third source was eRoids forum where again I saw the tendency of mixed reviews: very few positive ones and lots of negative reviews. For instance, a reviewer with the alias quizzit wrote 8 months back that he has been buying from this source for years and has found its products “all legit brand name and generic drug company products.” He has brought numerous items from it from and trusts their products more than the liquid meds sent by research chemical companies. He feels that though the meds take their sweet time in arriving but then this should be naturally expected from an overseas pharmacy. His only complaint is that the pharmacy doesn’t update or respond to customers about availability status of out of stock items. He recommends shopping from here. However, a reviewer with the alias ninjeestars wrote 5 months back that he has been a regular customer there till now with no problems. However, his last order placement didn’t go so well. It’s been 44 days and he hasn’t heard anything from them and he emailed them from two different addresses 5 days back but hasn’t heard from them at all. So he is naturally “very disappointed” with the pharmacy. Reviews Reviews

From these mixed reviews, one feels that this online pharmacy has a bit of a Jackal and Hyde reputation among its customers. Those who are happy with it are very happy and those who are annoyed by it are very annoyed. Most reviewers are complaining about the lack of communication and delays in shipments, though they are happy with the price. This kind of candid reviews undoubtedly help a prospective customer make up his mind before buying from a source, rather than making an uninformed decision and regretting it later.

Aurapharm Reviews 2016:

Aurapharm Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Aurapharm Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Scam Advisor helped me further determine as to where this site is based and how safe it is. Scam Advisor determined that the online pharmacy seems to be based in Canada but since its real location is hidden, there is definitely something fishy about it. It’s also rarely visited so doesn’t enjoy much popularity. Needless to say that Scam Advisor has given it a low trust and high-risk rating.

Aura Pharm Coupon Codes:

I was unable to find any discounted offers or bonuses in shape of free pills or free shipment on bulk orders.

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