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The internet pharmacy which resides at the domain marked as has been there for some years now, and like the others on the internet, they have made the promise of selling only quality medicine to the final users, but such that would be at low prices – lower than what such customers would get from their local pharmacies. According to the copyright information on this website, the e-store is a business which was registered as far back as the year 2004. Still on the internet, AWC Drugstore has been doing its business out of an unknown location. Throughout the length of the website of this internet pharmacy, the location could not be found. Not even on the About age or information page could something that looked like this be found.

Moving on, I found out that there is an FDA approval promised on all of the medicine that leaves the store. Of course, this is from the Indian FDA since most of the generics are from there. Speaking of generics, the Viagra on offer would set back the customer just $0.36, and both Cialis and Levitra would be selling for $0.76 and $1.2 instead. These were, of course, cheap prices as compared to what the medicine could be obtained for outside of an online store such as this one.

AWC Drugstore supports that its customers make their payments via the use of credit cards. Anything other than cards issued by MasterCard and VISA would not be accepted by this e-pharmacy. As soon as such order has been paid for, the customer is given the full rights over what kind of shipping methods they would like to be treated to. While there is the Standard Airmail method that would require a wait time of 2 – 3 weeks and cost $10, the other EMS service would cost $20 instead. Of course, the later requires that the customer waits for lesser time to get their package, which can be anywhere from just 3 – 8 business days.

Getting in touch with the customer care agents has been provided for, and the customer is given the chance to choose from the toll-free numbers on board or go for the email contact form instead. The internet pharmacy does not accept the returns of orders that have left the store already. In special cases, such that the customer got damaged goods, or they have the wrong order instead, they can return such packages for a refund or reshipment. Again, they would be entitled to such a refund and reshipment package if they did not get any orders at all. Reviews

The internet pharmacy has been online for a while now, and it would have been suspicious of them if they had not managed to get a user review or comment in all of that time. Looking for the -store on the internet, they did pop up in quite a number of places. According to one of such user reviews that can be taken from, is not in favor with the customers. Feedback Feedback

According to Jared, the e-store has a ‘poor or non-existent service.’ He complained to have placed an order and still, ‘never have received my order.’ This is indicative of an online store that is either associated with scamming its customers, or one that had something go wrong with just this particular transaction. While there are none others to be fond to clarify the status of the e-store, the former verdict seems to be the one I would stick with here. Reviews 2016

Recent reviews of AWCDrugstore are a little mixed, taking a little reading between the lines to get a full opinion of them this time around. Looking at the independent review website again, the comments page of Scam Adviser had one entry that corresponded to the e-pharmacy. According to Don Shannon, the e-store ‘was simple and to the point.’ Going on, she stated that ‘it took them less than 3 days to deliver,’’ while also ‘very pleased with the quality of the drugs.’ Being a recent review, this holds some weight, but I still needed another fresh pair of eyes. Feedback in 2016 Feedback in 2016 was my next stop, and the result there was not as amazing. A 0% rating on both trust and popularity led the results, then was determined to not be safe for both browsing and buying. Safety Level Safety Level

Apparently, after that much time on the internet, they have still managed to not gain a good followership. Coupon Codes

There would always be those customers who would want to save more, even after the great offers that this e-pharmacy has listed, and they have made the provision for such people. On entering the domain of this e-store, one of the banners that would greet the user is a promotional offer of 70% off what they would get from their normal local pharmacy. Discount Offers Discount Offers

Not only is there the promise of free pills on every order, it also seems that there can be free shipping thrown into the mix. For the latter dal to happen, the customer would need to have ordered pills that have passed the $200 mark, and they would be content with having their package sent to them by Airmail.

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