Review – Try this Safe Web Drug Supplier Today Main Page Main Page is the domain name for World Pharmacy Store or First Medicine Online Pharmacy Store. I found out about both names during my search for a reliable online pharmacy, led me to the website. Clicking on “about us” in the main menu to learn more about, I noticed the pharmacy describes itself as “the leader” in worldwide drug delivery—which is actually true, considering the shop’s large pool of customers and its extensive, low-cost product offers. At the bottom of the page, I could see seals for CPA, CIPA and MIPA approvals, which suggested that this was a Canadian pharmacy.

I could also see that this Canadian online pharmacy was created in 2004. After that, I decided to browse through the FAQs. I immediately caught sight of the question pertaining to prescriptions. In the answer, makes it clear that filling in prescriptions is not a prerequisite for placing an order. In addition, it strongly advised buyers to consult their doctors before ordering medications.

Next, I began searching for my medications through the “Categories” menu. The menu showcased a lot of categories including Blood pressure medications, anxiety medications, depression medications, antibiotics, medications for women, and erectile dysfunction medications. The erectile dysfunction medicines are also featured in a second category which displays the best-selling drugs on Awc pharmacy 24h.

The store’s ED portfolio includes FDA-approved medicines like Viagra and Cialis. It sells Brand Viagra for $3.8 per pill and Brand Cialis for $4.18 a pill. Additionally, it has generic forms of the aforementioned drugs as well as Levitra. I saw that payments for these medicines could be done using e-check or AmEx, Visa, and MasterCard Credit Cards. I then looked for shipping information and learned that Awc pharmacy 24h does airmail shipping for $10 and EMS courier delivery for $20.

Awc pharmacy 24h, in its return policy, prohibits returning products but offers to resend or refund. You can reach the store using its phone numbers, but since I wasn’t really too concerned about the swift response, I merely emailed the store and got a response hours after I sent my message. Reviews

I went on the “Testimonials” page to see what previous customers of Awc pharmacy had to say about the pharmacy. I expected the reviews to be favorable and while skimming through them I saw that expectation was justified. I have attached some below: Customer Report Customer Report

Caleb from Italy said his order “arrived within 6 days”, which indicates that the consumer had his items shipped via EMS courier delivery. He then recommended the company to anyone but not before addressing “all the negative reviews on here”.

Tyler who resides in Austria thought it was “nice to know you can order medication from a safe and secure pharmacy website with doctors”. I don’t know which doctors he was talking about. He also expressed his satisfaction in knowing “no problem with needing a prescription, and no worry about fake illegal copies”. Lastly, he praised the “unbeatable prices”.

Lucas from the US said he received his order and was delighted with the speed of delivery. He wanted to “keep in contact” because he would need more of the pills he ordered. All of these positive reviews are helpful to those new consumers seeking proof that this store is great to purchase meds from due to its speedy delivery and reliable service. Reviews 2017

I knew that more recent reviews are better indicators of trustworthiness since circumstances change. So, I kept my fingers crossed and sought reviews published last year. I found a few, and to my relief, they are still quite optimistic. Customer Report 2017 Customer Report 2017

Benjamin who lives in Andorra thanked customer service for “follow-up”. He had ordered ED medications and after having “an opportunity to try them”, was happy he received them. He didn’t neglect to tell us his girlfriend was happy as well.

Samuel who is from Spain received his ten pills of Cialis. After trying them he was happy with how effective they were and asked if awc-pharmacy-24h “would still like to send the balance of the order in Cialis”. He was so satisfied with the customer service and expressed his desire for the availability of more stores with equally capable customer service. Coupon Codes

Awc-pharmacy-24h uses discounts to lure unsuspecting customers to patronize their business. I found a number of such discounts while browsing through the site. I saw a time-limited offer of free Viagra pills with every order as you can see in the picture above. Free Pills Offer Free Pills Offer

I also got to learn about Awc pharmacy 24h’s offer of free shipping on all orders above 200 US dollars. Additionally, in the “Categories” menu the special offers category is replete with several combinations of erectile dysfunction medications in “trial erection packs”. These trial erection packs of various amounts of Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are available at extremely cheap prices. Free hipping Offer Free hipping Offer
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