Review – Online Drug Store with Little to Prove its Legit Operation Main Page Main Page used to be an online drugstore with recipes in treating depression, allergies, hair loss, and blood pressure with the main assortment comprising of impotent medications. It’s best sellers used to be Viagra at a price of $ 0.72 per pill and Cialis at the cost of $1.49 per pill others that comprised that list were Tadpox, Levitra, Dapoxetine and Malegra FXT. Customers of used to be encouraged to purchase from it as it would save them up to 75% due to the low prices that were in place compared to the ones found at their neighborhood pharmacies. The site never used to demand a prescription from its buyers’ something that is common to a large group of online stores. The limited data that I managed to retrieve from the web archives made it impossible to indicate its compliance to the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) as well as its dedication to abide by various the national and international regulatory authorities such as the MIPA and CIPA. In addition to that, there were no indications regarding the manufacturers of the drugs that Bartell-Drugs used to distribute. I would have been thrilled to learn more about the physical location only that it was among the missing details indicated on the remains of BartellDrugs website. I was also unsuccessful in locating the shipping and refund policies which used to be in existence before Bartell-Drugs store cleared its shelves in December 2014. I would have loved to relay some details on how its clients used to get in touch with the provider for inquiries and shopping only that that data was unavailable. Reviews

Customer feedback is a proven way to notify the prospective audience and inform how good or how bad the products, means of communication and delivery services of a given vendor are. You would agree with me that it has become so difficult to trust online drug stores which fail to have reviews both on their sites but also from other consumer reviews websites. Most places that lack comments from its clients are either new or closed ones just like the case of with a zero number of reviews. My instincts are that it used to have some who got erased. Reviews 2016

Having battled with my indecisiveness, I made up my mind to consult the scam checkers and find out what used to be the reputation of this closed store. My first point was the which had no details to share as was not on its website. The results were quite a disappointment although my hopes were too high to be crushed, so I proceeded to the where I was informed that the site was not found. My final step was to consider using the, which I did only to amount to no good as I failed to get the information that I had hoped for. Coupon Codes

Just before you classify among your favorite stores which could provide you with free shipping and extra pills of generic brands whenever you shop, it is salient to note that I did not see a shred of any offers on the website’s remains. So rare were its loyalty points that might have been offered to its customers and its unavailable coupon codes. The whole search left me wondering how it used to assure its clients of a 75% saving opportunity without the current initiatives taken by a majority of internet pharmacies.

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