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As the name of this site implies, sells mainly generic drugs. This site seems to be based in Europe, and caters to mostly EU clients because of the Euro currency of the prices. But the company is actually located in Africa—Mauritius, to be exact. The copyright of the site dates 2016, meaning this site may be new. exhibits a haphazard form which makes me difficult to focus on just one aspect of the site. This pharmacy sells mainly generic ED meds, as what can be implied upon visiting the site. There are also several brand-name medications too, aside from the generics. As their nature, brand-name medications are FDA-approved. The generics sold by this site are India-manufactured generics; as to whether these meds are approved by the FDA, the site does not say. Maybe it’s up to the clients to go figure.

Most of the drugs being sold on are prescription medications, but the site seems to allow their dispatch without the proper Rx. This practice is illegal, as sites which do this encourage substance abuse of addictive drugs such as Valium. Also, it is dangerous for clients to take Rx meds without counsel from a licensed physician.

There are a lot of medications available for purchase on this site, but the meds are mainly for weight loss, ED, and drugs like Valium. As for the ED meds, the site is offering the generic Sildenafil for €1.21-€2.41 per pill for minimum purchases, depending on the drug strength. The lowest the prices can be is €1.11-€1.97 (for large purchases) depending on the potency. Brand Viagra costs €11.62-€12.79 per pill of the 100 mg variant, depending on how large or small the purchase will be. The site offers too many brands and variations of the ED meds; so much that I find it hard to choose which one to order. Cialis had too many variants too (that it’s tiring enough to look at the list), but the branded costs €9.65-€11.14 each.

As for payments, the site accepts major Credit cards, bank transfers, and Western Union. Shipping rate is at €35 per 100-pill order. For orders more than 100 (or in multiples of 100), an additional fee of €35 is charged. For example, I have a 200-pill order; I would be charged €75. It seems to me that the site ships the pills in multiples of 100 to evade Custom duties.

Returns are not allowed, as with most of the online pharmacies. Refund or reshipment of non-delivered orders may be processed, provided that the client files the non-delivery case within a span of 30 days from delivery. had live support, but was rather rude. Instead of entertaining my queries, the operator brushed me off when I answered with my location. The operated just said “Bye” without answering my other queries just because the company does not ship to my location. It is also misleading that the site claims to ship in most countries worldwide, while the only ones it can ship to are the EU countries. Other ways to contact the site is by leaving a message in the Contact section. Aside from that, there is none.

Customer Service Support via Live Chat on Best Generic Drugs
Customer Service Support via Live Chat on Best Generic Drugs

Best Generic Drugs Reviews:

I am not surprised that did not have reviews from within the site itself. There was no place to put the reviews anyway—there was no allotted section for product reviews and testimonials.

Since the company is rather new, there is also no feedback found for this site from independent review sites. It would have been interesting to see what others have experienced ordering from this site. It’s odd to not find anything regarding, but; it’s not at all surprising. Sites that do not look polished always seem suspicious to me; and this one fits in that category.

Best-Generic-Drugs Reviews 2016:

Best-Generic-Drugs Reviews Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Best-Generic-Drugs Reviews Trust Rating by Scamadviser

As expected, did not also have any review from 2016. It is amusing though that a certain online pharmacy could not have a single reference to it from the web; unless it’s a scam site (which I think this site is).

Scam Adviser seems to agree with me, as its analysis of the site gave a 0% rating to the site at hand. The site underperformed in this analysis big time. Coupon Codes:

There are no current offers by this site at the moment. The “incredible offer” in the site is pointless; it just redirects the clients to the ED pricelist page.

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