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As its catchphrase says, sells its meds “cheap” always. Both brand-name and generic meds are found on the site and gets the suppliers from the “most reliable” drug suppliers worldwide. also says that its top priority is “client satisfaction”, so all the products are affordable and of high-quality. The company is located in EU but it supplies meds to worldwide clients, but with the exception of a few countries only.

Since only has quality products, everything that it sells is approved by the FDA, even the generic medication. All the medicines available on the site are sourced from reputable companies, and for generic meds, from well-known Indian companies licensed by the Indian FDA. Although most of the products sold on the site are prescription meds, is not known for asking its clients for the prescriptions for them, although recommends that clients consult their GP first before ordering any prescription meds, especially for the 1st time.

I think’s product database is extensive enough and can accommodate any client order. includes a number of medical categories like treatments for allergies, fungal infections, bacterial infections, viral diseases, blood pressure maintenance meds, cholesterol meds, diabetes medication, lifestyle meds including products for men and women’s health, and a lot more. But since I a drawn to ED meds, they were the first meds I look for in a site.

Fortunately, has its own category for Erectile Dysfunction and has both brand-name and generic options for them. I was able to look into the site’s pricing for Viagra (Pfizer) in 100 mg and found out that it sells the meds for a minimum of 12 pieces (and not 4 as I was used to at local pharmacies), and that sells the pack for $95.67. Cialis (Eli Lilly) is also available here and is sold by the site at $85.44 for a pack if 12 pills. I think that the prices are reasonable enough, but actually not the cheapest in the market, as I have been able to encounter legit sites with prices better than this one.

Like the other sites, offers 2 shipping types for its products: Airmail service ($10) and Trackable service ($30).’s Airmail service takes up to 4 weeks, while the Trackable service about 2 weeks. It’s up to the clients which shipping option suits their needs. Products are shipped out by Best-pills within about 2 days after order processing/payment. Accepted payments by s include Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, Diners Club, Discover, and E-Checks.

Since has a money-back guarantee, the site will return payments of clients who are unable to receive their orders. Orders which were damaged, incomplete, or wrong will be reshipped by the site for free.

For other concerns, clients may reach’s support at + 1 888 524 7141 (US Toll-free) and +44 808 189 1420 (UK). There was a live support function by the site but was unreachable during the time of my visit. Clients may email the site instead using its contact form on the “Contact Us” tab of the site. Reviews Reviews Reviews

It was Johnny’s first time to order online but he was not disappointed by He was able to receive his order and received “genuine” meds. He also commended how the site’s support was able to entertain all his inquiries.

Mike, another client, praised how was able to ship his items discreetly and without any indication of the contents. Also, he said that what he received was the same as the products which were advertised by the site.

There were other reviews, but I noticed that I have already seen them in various sites other than I think just stole them from these sites. I don’t know how that came about, but the fact that these testimonials posted on weren’t its own means that it is misleading clients. I don’t like sites like which isn’t capable of acquiring its own reviews and copies instead.

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Safety Report of Best-pills by Scamadviser
Safety Report of Best-pills by Scamadviser

Since the copied reviews weren’t reliable, I tried looking for reviews for from other reputable sites like review sites, blogs, forums, and others; but I was unable to find anything for the site. However, I was able to search it on sites like Scam Adviser and LegitScript and found out a few things about it.

Reputation Analysis of Best-pills by Legitscript
Reputation Analysis of Best-pills by Legitscript

Scam Adviser and LegitScript both gave Best-pills a Rogue pharmacy status for being non-compliant with the general verification standards set by these sites. Aside from that status, Best-pills was also detected to have reports of malware linked to its profile, which does not indicate security on the clients’ part. was also given only a 50% trust rating. As I client, I wouldn’t want to deal with any site which can only offer me half a chance of getting my sensitive information secure. I’d rather not order if I’d get hacked getting items from the site.

Best Pills Coupon Codes

Discount Offer by Best Pills
Discount Offer by Best Pills

The discounts were actually not advertised by the site, but clients may find them during checkout. sends its clients free pills for specific items, for instance, the generic ED pills. Aside from that, return clients are given a 10% discount on their next order. Plus, renders the shipping free on orders $200 and above. There were no discount codes, though.

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