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I am looking for a well-founded online drugstore where I can occasionally order cheap generic drugs. The first store to seek my hand is It is located in Belize City, Central America. The first major concern to me though is that they haven’t indicated the date they started operating, but this is tranquilized by the fact that they have a physical location and office. According to the Hunky—dory news on website, they stock in abundance prescriptions that meet US Food and Drug Administration and World Health Organization standards. must have the best Marketing executives! I mean that’s an epic line. They also boast of excellent customer service. has a miscellany of prescriptions incorporating Generic Reductil – Meridia (Sibutramine), Generic Cialis, Generic Viagra, Generic Propecia (Finasteride), Generic Trial Pack: Viagra/Cialis, Pfizer Viagra, Lilly Cialis, Generic Acomplia (Rimonabant), Generic Avodart (Dutasteride), Bayer Levitra. A 50mg generic Viagra costs $1.63, and a 20mg brand Lilly Cialis costs $8.16. They also offer a 5% discount on all repeated orders.

My second game-plan is to establish the payment methods at my disposal in case I want to purchase anything from the store. I am enkindled by the fact that they only accept two payment methods, Credit Card and International Bank Wire Transfer. But that is not a major issue as many online buyers mostly use credit cards.

Free shipping worldwide with International Airmail within 14-24 days. That literally stops me in my tracks. However if you would need your prescription much faster, why not opt for EMS Express Mail Service, you should be ready though to accommodate a $40 dent in your purse, the delivery time is 5-7 days for all countries. The amount may seem a lot, but who wouldn’t sacrifice that amount to intervene in a case of emergency prescription.

I seek to indulge further what would happen assuming my order is lost or damaged before it reaches me. Well, within 10 days of delivery of a shipment, I may return any item purchased from and get my full refund or even better a re-ship without incurring any extra cost. That’s terrific! Who wouldn’t like that! Of great importance to note is that if I am seeking to order in bulk, the package will be sent in several packages. For example: When I purchase 360 pills, I will receive 4 packages each containing 90 pills. Therefore, the packages will reach me on different days. I guess that’s understandable after all why would I purchase a large consignment of drugs unless I am a drug dealer.

The holy book explicitly states that “People perish due to lack of knowledge”, some may disagree with me saying that religion is the opium of the masses. I would rather be an information “addict” rather than blindly follow the cliché and perish. Since doesn’t have a Live chat I sent an email to confirm the details. Apart from the email support, the store has a number I can call (+44-7092-899461). Reviews

Since there are no recent reviews on, my detective instincts prompted me to board a virtual private jet to Site Jabber and it revealed a very interesting revelation. They indicate that does not respond to reviews. That notwithstanding the customers still made their position known. The average rating is 1.5.

Wim was a satisfied guy. He says “I ordered 13/8, and the drugs were delivered the 4th of September, so within the timeframe indicated (14-24 days)”

Warren thinks otherwise “Yet another new domain spamming a fake/scam pharmacy sites (look at the BIG list below. If it’s not listed, then it’s another new pharmacy “brand” the scammers created to avoid criminal scam site labels.) Reviews Reviews

Willy says, “Placed two orders with The first order in 2010 took about 4 weeks to arrive, but other than that I was satisfied. The second order placed about 7 weeks ago has still not arrived even though I was notified of the shipment a day ago”

Willy says, “Placed two orders with The first order in 2010 took about 4 weeks to arrive, but other than that I was satisfied. The second order placed about 7 weeks ago has still not arrived even though I was notified of the shipment a day ago”

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Fin knows a person who received his prescription in the Netherlands. He says “took about 30 days to arrive, haven’t used them yet but they look legit (delivered to the Netherlands)

Dirk thinks the store is perfect. His sentiments were,”I’ve been waiting 24 days and the tablets have been delivered, everything perfect” Reviews 2017 Reviews 2017

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Online Drug Store knows the importance of customer traffic to their site, so the offer ammo of offers. Who would say no to a discount? I have turned the site upside down to find this; Returning customers will always get 5% discount on all re-orders! After I have placed your first order, my second order will be identified automatically and the discount will be made by the shopping cart. That’s fantastic!

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