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Another addition to the scam list is Before I confirm that the website is an undeniable fraud, I would like to give you facts that led me to this decision.

Well, first of all, neither the origin nor the location is confirmed. The website claims to operate in both USA and the UK. It is also self-proclaimed by the website, without any supporting evidence, that it sells FDA approved products.

The company claims that it accepts payment in dollars, pounds, and euros and through credit and debit cards. Customers can pay the company with different credit cards like Visa, Master, JCB, Diners Club and American Express. Unfortunately, there is no option of E-checks or bank wire transfer method. The privacy policy of the company assures that the credit card details will not be revealed to anyone except under any circumstances. One advice here: do not believe everything you here on

The delivery methods are indicated by registered mail and express service. The registered mail will deliver the package in 21-28 days with an option to trace the package. This delivery method costs about $10. The other delivery technique, the express mail service costs about $30. Its delivery time is 5-7 days with an option to trace the package whenever you need. They deliver their packages worldwide with a free insurance policy to ensure the wellbeing of the package.

There is no live chat to help the customer. There is one email ID which is just idle. The refund policy is unknown. is open to your decision to use or not. I would not recommend such a scumbag to anyone. Reviews:

When I was searching for reviews for, I was not surprised to find that there are no reviews, nothing at all was found. Not ensuring the direct communication with the customers by asking them to leave a review after the transaction is completed successfully (or ignoring) deprives the potential customers of information they want to know before completing a purchase. Since customer reviews do not exist, it is fully evident that the website is neither reliable nor credible for anyone to purchase medicines from. It is always better to find another reliable website than to risk your health and money at

Big-ed-sale Reviews 2016:

Since I found no reviews at all, I decided to check the website at The is a website used to analyze and tell us if a particular website is reliable or credible. So when I checked for the, what I found, just stunned me. The website is from Canada but is operated from the United States of America. Further, the website has only a random 40% safe rating which directly infers the risk related to using the website.

Safety Report of by Scamadviser
Safety Report of by Scamadviser

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I know, for a fact, that the majority of the people will try to risk once and then learn the lesson the hard way. For those of you, similar to these people, here are the deals provided by the website. Quite awesome, isn’t it? But that is where you will be fooled.

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