Review – A New Competitor in the Internet Pharmacy Business Main Page Main Page is an online pharmacy offering a wide variety of generic and branded medicines. I was trying to find more information as to when the company started and its exact head office but I couldn’t find their official website.

Based on the data found, the pharmacy operates under a doctor’s supervision. I guess they are practicing the innovative doctor’s consultation questionnaire through their website. I am not sure if they require prescriptions from their customers or if they have a health questionnaire to assess the prescription ordered by the client.

Although Big Pharma Sales claims that all the products they offer are genuine medications, I cannot enumerate the classification of drugs that the drugstore offers due to limited information available from the website.

Their products are being offered at affordable prices. However, I cannot give an exact comparison if they are really competitive with other online pharmacies because of unavailability of figures. They accept payments through a credit card; Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and ACB.

One of the perks that I liked about is the free shipping they offer to their customers. No minimum orders are required but they did not mention to which countries they ship and the time it would take for delivery. They only declared “fast and far-reaching”, so I assume that they ship to almost all countries worldwide.

The refund policy was not clearly stated but they give out a 30-day money back guarantee. I cannot find the operating hours when you could reach them at their toll-free hotlines. I guess they have the head office in the United States because they have separate toll-free hotlines for US and International. Reviews

Due to limited information about from their website, I’ve searched for customer reviews to check the accuracy and efficiency of the service they provide to customers. Their offers such as free shipping to almost all countries worldwide with no minimum orders and affordable prices are too good to be true. Hence, I’ve checked for previous customers about their experiences using the online pharmacy. Customer Experience Customer Experience

According to a customer who used the codename inare1946, Big Pharma Sales is “very discreet and professional”. He rated the pharmacy 5 out 5 stars for the reasonable prices that the store offers. The process is also very convenient for him and always a time-saver. He has been doing online transactions with Big Pharma Sales for the past 5 months.

Although the customer review was good and in favor of the pharmacy, it is best to look for an online store with lots of good reviews from different customers. This will validate how efficient their services are and ensure that all their transactions are legitimate. The information available on the website of Big Pharma Sales is very limited so customers would rely heavily on the reviews given by previous customers. Reviews 2016

I’ve checked and LegitScript for the safety and authenticity of Big Pharma Sales website.

Scamadviser gave the drugstore a low trust rating. The website is based in the United States. Browsing and buying online from this pharmacy is highly discouraged. A malware has been detected on the website and there is a huge number of the suspicious website from their server. The online pharmacy is relatively new (28 days old) and it doesn’t have an online reputation yet. Trust Rating Trust Rating

LegitScript categorized Big Pharma Sales as a rogue pharmacy. Rogue pharmacy means that the online drugstore did not meet all the necessary Internet pharmacy verification standards set by LegitScript. It could also mean that there are laws violated by the pharmacy and the website is not 100% safe to use. Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

I recommend looking for more trusted online pharmacies with good and established a reputation. It is hard to trust a new business, especially online pharmacy with no reputation yet. Customers should be more cautious especially when giving out personal information from unprotected websites. Coupon Codes

I was not able to view the figures on how competitive or affordable are the products being sold by the Big Pharma Sales. I’ve searched for discounts and special packages or deals but didn’t find any.

It’s a plus that the drugstore offers free shipping with no minimum orders. Most establishments would require a minimum amount of order before they could ship your products to maximize the shipping fee. It is actually too good to be true that this pharmacy offers free shipping to almost all countries worldwide, given that they claim to sell affordable drugs for their customers.

In order to survive and be competitive in the online pharmacy business, one should be consistent in giving discounts and should not only rely on giving out cheap prices for their medicines. A good discount will always attract customers especially those buying in bulk orders.

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