Review – I Suggest you Use other More Reliable Online Stores Main Page Main Page is one case of an online store having a domain name different than its actual store name. In the case of, it has an actual store name of Sky Pharmacy, which, honestly, I have already seen numerous times on the web. Not only the name Sky Pharmacy was recurrent to most online stores on the web—the template used by the shop Blue Sky Drugs was also repeatedly used by various online pharmacies on the web for some reason. All the stores with the Sky Pharmacy name all looked the same to me, so I am guessing that is another web affiliate or one of the marketing websites used by a single company to encourage more online sales—I don’t know if this strategy is effective, though. advertises that consumers can purchase any meds they want on the store without providing the appropriate prescriptions for them, like when purchasing products at local drugstores. Online drugstores are rather known for offering meds without obliging the consumers to provide the Rx, as they should. This is convenient for some, but dangerous, as patients are in danger of adverse drug interactions should they use a prescription drug without their doctor’s permission.

Meds offered on included various generic and brand-name, over-the-counter and prescription products, which were mostly from India-based pharmaceutical companies. You can find products for mental illnesses, body pain, hair loss, kidney problems, digestive problems, impotence, fertility, and other medical concerns you may have. However, the most popular products on the store include meds for erectile dysfunction, such as the famed products Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, as well as some of their India-produced generic parallels.

Because I am indeed interested in the web store prices of these impotence treatments, I checked how much the store sold their famous erectile dysfunction treatments. The shop claimed to sell “brand Viagra” and other “brand” impotence meds, so I checked the prices of these so-called brand name products. According to, its brand Viagra 100 mg costs $32.04 per 4 tablets and its brand Cialis 20 mg costs $35.29. The shop also offers erectile dysfunction trial packs—the store sells a pack of 20 pills (generic Viagra 100 mg and generic Cialis 20 mg) for $50.58 and claims that its clients can save more when choosing this ED pack than when purchasing Viagra and Cialis sets separately.

Payments accredited on included VISA and MasterCard payments alone. As for the shipping, Blue Sky Drugs/Sky Pharmacy charged the consumers $10 for the regular shipping and $20 for the faster shipping.

Unfortunately, consumers do not have guarantees for refunds and reshipments on, which makes it hard to order from the online pharmacy. For questions regarding this, you can contact the store using its phone numbers and its contact page as well. Reviews

It was unfortunate that Blue Sky Drugs does not have third-party reviews from its consumers. Since the store did not indicate when it started its service, I have no idea if the store is already an established store or if it is just a new site. Reviews Reviews

I found several testimonials on the shop, though. According to Eric (Spain), he was able to receive his order from and thanked the store for its professionalism. He also attested to the effectiveness of the products he ordered from the store and mentioned that his condition greatly improved because of them.

Nathan (from the United Kingdom), on the other hand, stated that his order took only 7 days and said that he will definitely order from the store again.

Although these comments were positive, these consumer reports were also the same testimonials found on other “Sky Pharmacy” named websites. From the copied status of the comments, we can deduce that these were all fake testimonials which fail to accurately portray the service of Blue Sky Drugs. Reviews 2016

More of the fake reviews were available on, but since they were recurrent comments from several websites I have visited, these comments are all fake and should not be trusted. Reviews 2016 Reviews 2016

I was still unable to find real reviews for from real consumers, so instead of relying on the copied comments, I used the platform Scam Adviser to check on the real status of Blue Sky Drugs: May Be Risky May Be Risky

According to the result from the trusted platform, the website, is a suspicious online pharmacy with a trust score of only 34%. The shop’s age, as determined by Scam Adviser, was only 150 days (to date) and according to Scam Adviser, the store has a rather short life expectancy (1 year). was also identified with several issues and Scam Adviser even declared that the store was even offline. Coupon Codes

If you’re searching for coupons and vouchers, you’ll be disappointed by Blue Sky Drugs, as the store does not have any discount offer for its consumers. Bonus Pills and Free Shipping Offers Bonus Pills and Free Shipping Offers

However, the shop offers free pills and even has free shipping for consumers with orders more than $200 in cost.

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