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BM Pharmacy Design
BM Pharmacy Design

A few months back I happened to pass by a website called I went for a deeper search and found that claims to offer patients affordable generic versions of the popular branded medicines that are within internationally recognized quality standards. With more than 200,000 customers, this company strives to supply high quality pharmaceutical products worldwide, yet there is no information about the location of BM Pharmacy. However I found information on scam adviser that the website is hosted in Amsterdam, but it more likely from China. This site has been threat listed and here is not too much information available for not registered at the website users.

By reading the reviews and other medical expert’s opinion, I noticed that the makers of profess their products to be very reasonably priced, so I had to double check to see the credibility of this claim. It turned out that the actual claims of this pharmacy should be something like that, “We will offer you affordability, but we will secretly steal your dollars”, as many customers have reported fraudulent transactions from their accounts, right after they ordered from this site. BM Pharmacy claims that all of its products are analyzed and certified by independent third party laboratories for quality assurance. BM Pharmacy also gives incentives to returning buyers. Loyal customers will be given a 10% discount on all their re-orders. I have tried to find a number to call and ask the questions in person, but here is no data about the customer support service, which puts me and other users at a risk that if our private information might be stolen we won’t have anyone to call help for. I do not feel like to register and give them my personal info.

Many drugs, that are not even FDA approved, are sold by them and others that require a prescription are also being sold without any check, which might affect the health of patients seriously.

Another integral claim I saw was that the shipping is free worldwide via International 1st Class Airmail. Being an unregistered user, I could not see any information relating to refund policy.

BM Pharmacy Reviews:

BM Pharmacy Reviews
BM Pharmacy Reviews

Now, let’s check customer reviews, as they are the vital part of any reputation analysis. I found controversial comments on the leading reviews sites. Some customers were so happy with the website while the others were so despondent by the site, as if it is the worst thing that even happened to them. Terry, a regular customer from Europe, in this review on August 3,2013, said, ” Have used them for last couple of years- no problems- last order I got Buproprion are not genuine I know this because they simple don’t work. Got a call from my bank yesterday to alert me to suspicious activity on my account, only small accounts used to pay for things in dollars (I’m from Europe and rarely pay in dollars apart from BM Pharmacy) I think these small payments were feelers to see if I noticed then I am sure I would have had my account cleared out. Such a shame because I never had any problems with them before, but they have just lost a regular customer. Ah well, I will have to go somewhere else.”

This explains the point I mentioned earlier that the company has been involved in fraudulent charges.

Another customer, Ibwill in his review on June 14, 2914 said, “BM Pharmacy shipping out of MAHE,SEYCHELLES in the Indian ocean sending out SPEIRx Tadalafil continues to be very reliable for me for a second year. I ordered from them early in 2013 and had a good experience. I most recently ordered generic Cialis on May 26, 2014 and received hundred tablets on June 10, 2014. The quality of the generic Cialis was excellent and full strength. The delivery was supposed to be USPS mail.. and a tracking number was assigned.. but it came by AIR MAIL in an untracked discrete small white padded package that I did not have to sign for… It was great that it showed p quickly. The price was great and the FREE SHIPPING was great. I HAD NO PROBLEMS USING VISA. and they DIDNOT sell my email my email for spam or card number. I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND BM PHARMACY FOR ANOTHER YEAR. I will continue to recommend them to people I know and I really appreciate the product and service.”

I can understand how can the manufacturer gets so involved with the review sites: paying them maintenance fee, so that they could maintain some good reviews for some faulty thing.

Mr. Med an anonymous user from an unknown place, commented on April 22, 2015 that, “Myself and plenty of others have been using this site for a long time now. Up till recently, they changed their payment methods to bank transfer only. So you need to look into your bank and give them the details just to make a purchase. They used to be perfect to purchase off, quick, easy and convenient… now it’s the complete opposite which is a shame due to the good products. They need to compete with a lot of pharmaceutical companies already and this has just lost a lot of loyal followers due to the removal of convenient VISA payments. Which is a shame”

All thanks to rigging skills of BM Pharmacy that yet another customer was forfeited of satisfaction.

BMPharmacy Reviews 2016:

BMPharmacy Reviews 2016
BMPharmacy Reviews 2016

New year and new era starts and here is BM Pharmacy stopping all of its functions and draining all their endeavor into gutter. Popex on March 29,2016 from an unknown locations said,” BM Pharmacy seems to be offline. Site shows no more products, login does not work, Retrieve password does not work, no response from customer service.”

This explains that the fraudulent company owners have run away taking all the confidential information of their valued customers with them.

An incognito user, Luvn2dance commented on April02,2016 that, “Too bad. This used to be a “go to” for me. When they stopped taking credit cards, I started looking around. I had found them to be very reliable for several years.”

I can, on this comment, improvise the fact that the company has now started to snatch as much as they could by hijacking the customer’s credit card information and yet not taking any future orders.

Jon Kits on April 05, 2016 sadly commented. “Both BM and ED and more pharmacies are out of business. Recently placed a 4$80.00 orders and never received them. I was able to log on and order, shortly after I was not able to log on. They were reliable for many years.” What a shame, that a company that had so much good repute once, ended up so badly. Coupon Codes:

Just so to improve the sales, it has been a standard policy for many companies to give out special deals for their privileged customers. The discount policy of BM Pharmacy is described below:

Best Deals for on the Internet
Best Deals for on the Internet

As I have seen at many websites, most pharmacies work by giving discounts on each and every item, but by its loyalty card gives 10% off on the entire stock which is although not as great as any other online drug stores, but still good enough for those customers who want to take FDA non approved drugs and prescription-only drugs without a prescription. How to get this loyalty card is not well defined, as the company has just advised the customers to shop as much as they can and they’ll soon get the card. I have searched many sites but there were no specific details about how to get the card. So, the customers need to just fill out the form and keep shopping. I do not think this idea excites me. There are no indications about other special promotions for the customers having loyalty card.

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