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Next up for a review is a legal steroid pharmacy,, to find out if it offers quality ED pills. BodyPharm has claimed on its website that it is an online steroid pharmacy that is providing different types of steroids to its customers legally. It is also providing medications for other categories as well but its main focus in on steroids. BodyPharm is taking anabolic steroids directly from manufacturer and shipping to its customers. I have not found its exact location and its experience in this field is also unknown. I have thoroughly searched the whole information provided on its website but I have not found its FDA approval. BodyPharm has international discreet shipment option that does not require a prescription.

I have checked the prices of Cialis and Viagra. I can purchase Viagra 100 mg tablet at the price of $ 2.7 per pill. The price of Cialis is $ 2.1 per 20 mg Cialis tablet. BodyPharm is providing medications for categories including oral steroids, injectable steroids, post cycle therapy, sexual health, weight loss, liver protection, diuretics, skin care, and pharmaceuticals in bulk. It is also providing syringes and needles.

It is currently accepting International Money Transfer and Credit Cards. It is supplying its products to the most of the countries worldwide through Registered Regular Airmail. It takes about 7-21 days to ship an order to the US and 7-14 days to deliver an order to European countries. The shipping cost is $ 28 per order, however this amount may vary from country to country and also depends on the amount of an order.

I am worried about my payment, delivery of my order and quality of the product. BodyPharm is not providing satisfaction guarantee of refund policy but it will reship the product if it is not delivered on time or damaged anyway. I want to contact BodyPharm customer service care in order to get more information on its shipping policy. I have just found a single way to contact that is through email id. And I can send email only after purchasing of medicine. Customer service sucks! Reviews:

Customer reviews have prime importance during the assessment of an online pharmacy. Actually, customer reviews are real people testimonials that provide feedback about the service and quality of products. Medicines are directly related to my health and if I select a scam store, it will waste my money and might harm my health. I think real people feedback will help me in finding out real situation with BodyPharm services. Unluckily, I have not found even a single customer review from previous years, so the analysis based on customer reviews has been failed. It only points BodyPharm unknown popularity and undefined reliability.

Body Pharm Reviews 2016:

Customer reviews are important and it does not matter whether they are previous reviews or present reviews. BodyPharm authenticity is further assessed through scam advisor report. Scam advisor has reported it a suspicious website that is very unsafe to use. Its location is also controversial as it is either located in Germany or Seychelles. It does not have known popularity with low trust rating. I don’t consider it worth purchasing.

Scamadviser Report on Body Pharm
Scamadviser Report on Body Pharm

BodyPharm Coupon Codes:

All online pharmacies have different types of discount offers for their customers. The most common ways of discount are coupon codes offers, free shipment, discount on entire stocks and seasonal or occasional discount offers. BodyPharm does not offer coupon codes discount but its official website is providing few discount offers.

  • It is providing a different percentage of discount for different products including Viagra and Kamagra.
  • It is offering free shipment if I will purchase an order that costs $ 600 or more.
Coupon Deals for Using on BodyPharm
Coupon Deals for Using on BodyPharm
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