BudgetOnlinePharmacy.com Review – Ordering Drugs Here Is Risky!

Home Page of BudgetOnlinePharmacy.com
Home Page of BudgetOnlinePharmacy.com

Since generic meds cost considerably cheaper than trademarked ones, there are various online pharmacies offering products at discounted prices. I wanted to find an affordable source to fill the prescription of my erectile dysfunction meds, so I decided to check out my options online and found various. BudgetOnlinePharmacy.com is a place that is offering to provide ED meds at 50% discounted price. I decided to see if this online pharmacy has something genuine and substantial to offer or was it just a tall claim to lure in customers.

Like most online pharmacies, BudgetOnlinePharmacy.com also doesn’t reveal where it’s based, as there is no formal About Us Section. However, from the Contact Information, it seems that the pharmacy is of Indian origin and based in the UK. The medicines available in this pharmacy are listed in categories such as medications for Men’s Health, anti-depressants pain relief, meds, anxiety meds, weight loss, etc. Men’s Health category contains meds for treating premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and impotence. The pharmacy claims itself to be the most comprehensive source for FDA approved, prescriptive as well as non-prescriptive meds like generic Priligy, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra , Bimatoprost, etc. However, the pharmacy’s main offerings are combo packs of different meds. In fact, this pharmacy’s main feature is a wide variety of combination of meds.

For example, P Force is a combination of Priligy Dapoxetine and Viagra. A 12 pills pack costs $65.95, while 24 pills pack costs $99.95.

A 90 pills pack of Generic Viagra costs $134.02. A 90 pills pack of Viagra, Cialis and Viagra Soft costs $134.02. A 30 pills pack of generic Cialis costs $86.95. A 30 pills pack of generic Levitra costs $118.80.

The FAQ page lists that these meds are produced by Asian pharmaceutical companies in compliance with the Goods Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements specified by the US FDA.

As for the payments methods, Budget Online Pharmacy accepts Visa Card as well Money Gram transfers. Furthermore, the shipping methods are via Courier (DHL and UPS, $20 charges and delivery in 7-12 days) or Express Postal Service (free of cost delivery on orders exceeding a certain amount and delivery in 14-20 days). Regarding returns and refunds, the pharmacy doesn’t allow return of products in case of customer dissatisfaction; however, it will refund the full order amount in case the order doesn’t get delivered within 30 days. Alternatively, it can also reship the order if the customer wishes. If the ordered meds get seized at the customs of the recipient, then the pharmacy doesn’t hold any liability for that and it’s a risk the customer has to understand and bear.

You can get in touch with the customer care department via phone: 1 866 2665571. Or, you can Fax at: 1 866 2204125, Or send an email at: [email protected]

I sent an email there but haven’t gotten around a reply yet. There is also a detailed form on site but it seems to be for the webmasters wanting to act as the pharmacy’s affiliates, as the form requires one to list company name. There is a separate area for affiliates and a full-fledged affiliate program.

BudgetOnlinePharmacy.com Reviews:

The online pharmacy looked legitimate so far, I must admit, and was way different from all the crap that I recently encountered, so I decided to check if there were any customers who could vouch for the products and the online pharmacy’s service here and elsewhere. The testimonials’ page consisted of customers based mostly based in the US and one in Australia. Two customers seemed to know the name of a customer care representative named Ravi and were addressing him specifically and thanking him for his facilitative efforts in order placement. One customer was paying through money gram and other via credit card. P. Johnson in Maryland, USA reported a positive experience with Generic Priligy and Generic Viagra combination tablets. A customer from Virginia, USA, with initials B.S. feels that this online pharmacy’s customer service is by far the most exemplary: “…your customer service is by far the best and most responsive I’ve ever seen…” An Australian customer by the initials T.M. promises to spread the word around for this excellent pharmacy on different forums, as he says:  “In fact I will also be posting positive feedback on online forums about your company too.” Read for yourself:

BudgetOnlinePharmacy.com Reviews
BudgetOnlinePharmacy.com Reviews

However, I couldn’t locate any review or information about Budget Online Pharmacy or its products on any source other than this site. The in site reviews can’t be trusted, as they belong to the seller. It doesn’t seem that this online pharmacy has a fan following or one that is willing to talk about Budget Online Pharmacy positively. A bit confused, I decided to head over to Scam Advisor, a trusted source to dig the dirt on just about site.

BudgetOnlinePharmacy Reviews 2016:

Scamadviser Report on BudgetOnlinePharmacy
Scamadviser Report on BudgetOnlinePharmacy

No customer reviews have been revealed for the year 2016. Scam Advisor estimates that though the pharmacy tries to make us think that it is in the US, it may actually be in Gibraltar. It also gives it a more than 50% rating for being safe, which is better than what is given to most of the online pharmacies.

Budget Online Pharmacy Coupon Codes:

Discount Offer by Budget Online Pharmacy
Discount Offer by Budget Online Pharmacy

The online pharmacy provides two major discount offers: 50% bonus pills on all orders and free shipping is offered on all orders exceeding $250. The free shipping offer looks good but it can be only availed if a large order is placed.

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