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I think this site is rather upfront in what type of products it actually sells, considering its name., as its name suggests, vends not only the famous Sildenafil brand, but also almost every ED-related product we could ever think or know of. This is definitely my kind of site, but there is still much to consider in order for me to decide to recommend this one.

According to the site, it operates from Denmark (but funny how the prices are in USD), but there is no indication as to when the site started operating. The copyright is 2016, though, meaning that this site was created this year. claims to sell FDA-approved ED drugs safe for consumer use. But the site did not declare where (country) the meds are manufactured. But probably the meds came from the country best known for manufacturing ED generics. You all know where. Anyway, it is good that the meds this site sells are approved by the FDA. I am concerned though, about the authenticity of that claim, as there is no sufficient proof that the meds are indeed certified safe for use.

What I appreciate about this site is the product information posted about each drug. This helps the clients make informed decisions about their purchase. But what I find questionable though, is the lack of indication for the need for prescription for ED drugs requiring one. The site states that it requires prescription for Rx drugs, but there is no info in the products that they cannot be purchased without the proper prescription.

Prices for ED drugs by this site are pretty average when compared with the others; prices of generic EDs are more or less the same online. Purchases are ultimately dependent upon the client’s site preference, because online pharmacies are quite similar in content and drug pricing.

The site’s 100 mg generic Viagra costs $1.90 each for every 10-piece purchase. For a minimum of 500 pieces, the drug will only cost $0.80. Those are prices As for the 20 mg Tadalafil, each pill costs $4.40 for a minimum of 10 pieces, and costs $1.80 for every 500 pieces bought. The site only offers one variant for each drug–Sildenafil 100 mg, and Tadalafil 20mg.

The site accepts payment from credit cards and E-check. The company ships worldwide via Regular Shipment and EMS Courier Service (Express Delivery). Regular shipment takes 15-17 days to reach the clients, while Express Delivery takes only 7-10 days. The site does not include the shipping rates in their info, but offers free Regular Shipping for orders $100 and up, and free Express Shipping for orders $200 and up.

Regarding the site’s return policy, however, is not that helpful. In the site’s “Return Policy”, it says that reshipment is eligible for wrong and damaged orders. But what confused me is this statement from the “Disclaimer” section: “ does not take the responsibility of the losses that may happen due to nondelivery, return of the product or wrong packaging, incomplete or due to improper shipping information given by you.” I understand that the site won’t provide returns due to the mistake on the consumer’s end, but would the site really be not held accountable to “non-delivery” cases? This puts clients in a disadvantageous position, as the site may use this policy to abuse clients by not delivering what they ordered and just quote this disclaimer as an excuse.

I am about to ask customer service regarding their shipping rates and more about this weird refund policy, but I failed to get in-touch with them as the site’s live chat support is currently offline (keeps on sending me error 404 messages). They can be contacted though, through emailing [email protected] and through the toll-free number +1 888 577 2911.

Buy Generic Viagra Reviews:

Buy Generic Viagra Reviews
Buy Generic Viagra Reviews

The site actually had a lot of product testimonials in it. But the comments looks like they were just typed by the site’s admin. The reviews are all positive, as it is expected in in-site reviews. According to the quoted testimonials, the site vends effective medication that indeed helped the clients alleviate their dysfunction.

According to Paul Jackson (San Francisco), his worries “vanished” after taking Cialis sold by the site, because it helped him “overcome” his problem. Paul White (Austin) said that the product he bought was “awesome”, and that the site’s “Cialis proved to be a great pill”.

The reviews are purely positive. There was not one negative review pertaining to site’s service rendered or product sold. For me, this is highly doubtful that this site had only positive reviews. For me, it seems that all of these were quite staged, as the reviews had no other proof that they came from real people. It also bothers me that the reviews did not have the dates or times when they were posted. And like I’ve said numerous times in my previous reviews, I just do not have faith in in-site reviews found in online stores.

I will only find reviews substantial when they are from third-party sites; or until the site provides proof that the purchases of these clients actually exist (or if these consumers really exist, at the very least). Reviews 2016: Trust Rating by Scamadviser Trust Rating by Scamadviser

As for the recent reviews of the site, there were none from third-party review sites. I could not tell if the in-site reviews were current because the reviews did not have dates in them.

According to the result of Scam Adviser, the site is “High Risk” and was given a 24% rating regarding its safety. Scam Adviser also stated that the site is ”from the US, but is most probably from China”, which is against what the site declares. According to the analysis, the site was also “rarely visited”. This goes contrary to the “numerous” excellent product reviews existing in the site. If the site was rarely visited, there is little chance that the site will get sales; much less be given a large amount of positive client reviews.

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Coupon Deals for Using on Buy-genericviagra

As for the discounts, the site is offering freebies for every purchase. is giving away 20 pills for every order. Also, the site offers incentives for repeat customers–10% discount on old customers (2nd order). There is also an offer of 20% if the orders are paid via E-check by old clients, and 10% for new clients when they pay via this platform.

There is also a free shipping promo by this site–free Regular Shipping for orders $100 and up, and free Express Shipping for orders $250 and up.

Coupon Deals for Using onBuy-genericviagra
Coupon Deals for Using on Buy-genericviagra
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