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My pursuit to find a new victim for my weekly pharmacy review took me to a new website – is an internet based pharmacy, supplying branded and generic pharmaceuticals and delivering to customers worldwide. The online pharmacy has been in operation for more than 6 years now. offers a variety of pharmaceuticals that treats nearly all the diseases. I found information that the United States Food and Drug Administration reviewed and has come to the conclusion that the company offers products that violate the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. The website provides to its customers various drugs that are unapproved for sale in the US and are prohibited under the FD&C Act.

As I looked in more, I noticed that is based in Mauritius Port Louis. If customers have queries about the online pharmacy’s products or shipping, the best way to reach is through email at [email protected] I have seen that the online pharmacy assures customers that they will receive a response from the email support team within 12 hours. Still waiting for mine. Though there is a toll free number +1-800-294-9731 which I tried to dial and was taken to a voicemail right away. No business email/no phone number is not a sign of a trustworthy provider of pharmaceuticals. ships the customer orders through regular air mail that can take 6 to 21 days, depending on courier delays (average within 11 days), with no tracking number and signature not required. No tracking means that I won’t get a proof that my order was not received. Signature not required means that a postman is just going to leave it at my doorstep even if no one is home.

The online pharmacy assures customers that the products will be packaged discreetly for security and privacy purposes. In case the products never arrive or arrive damaged, the online pharmacy also assures their customers of a full refund. I wonder how I am going to prove that it has never arrived, if I do not have a trucking. also advises the customers that the pharmacy cannot cancel once the order has been processed. Customers should take note that the online pharmacy accepts Visa/ Master card and BitCoin. Scam Void indicated that has bad ratings for trustworthiness and vendor reliability. Scam Adviser has given 0% in the trust ratings stating that the website is not safe to use. Furthermore, the online pharmacy uses a free email which makes it questionable. Reviews:

I am a very keen person, so I try to look into customer reviews on many websites to get a better picture of the website I’m dealing with. I saw a mix of comments that included a greater percentage of negative comments. Some of the comments worth mentioning are as follows. Reviews Reviews

A heartbroken customer, Chris on March 20, 2012, said: “Don’t buy!! old meds disguised as new. I was sent used eyed drops. The caps were loose. No safety seal. The bottles were dirty.”

What kind of company can do this type of behavior? No surprise that Scam advisor had many trust issues with them.

Yet another interesting comment by Steve, on March 5, 2012: “No problem here- I have ordered twice from this site and have had no problems. The shipping time (I live in the US) was actually quicker than I had expected and products actually did not work (which is why is ordered them again). It has been maybe a year, and I have had no evidence of credit card fraud/identity theft either (which is something I was afraid of to begin with). Like someone else said their website does look a bit shady, but whatever. Maybe just to be safe, don’t dish out too much money at one time if you are so concerned.”

Although this comment seems to be a positive remark, blabbing all the positive points, yet if someone more critical viewed this comment would notice that Buy-Pharma is not some trustworthy website.

Ryan, an innocent user of website, on Feb 4, 2012 said, “Great website-I ordered from them and the first package never came, so sent them an email about it and it shipped the next day and came 6 days later in blister packs. How would a scam website do that??”

Someone must tell Ryan that everyone uses their chance. The company tried to use their chance by not sending the package, but as soon as mail arrived, and negative remarks were on the verge, the company sent the package next day. Nice move!

Buy-Pharma Reviews 2016:

A new year and new stories. Let’s see what steps took in 2016 to enhance their customer reviews and improve their service.

Buy-Pharma Reviews 2016
Buy-Pharma Reviews 2016

Emy J, a regular user, on 6-1-16 said, “I’ve ordered over a decade and never have a problem buying anything from them. I’m in the UK, and postage takes the full 10 days but NEVER over. Great website upgrade over recent years and great customer service! I have never had a need even search for a backup! Keep up good work Buy-Pharma.”

This shows that might have increased their standard in this year. Maybe they have listened to the bad reviews and the medical critics all talking bad about them which lead them to take some good moves, just to improve their reputation.

Another satisfied user, Milana C on 4-4-16 said, “I found Buy-pharma after I lost my insurance and couldn’t afford my medications. I have never had an issue with the validity of the drugs. A couple of times my order has been incorrect (didn’t receive the correct quantity)- they were quick to remedy the problem. They always reply quickly. Orders generally arrive in about 10-12 days for me.”

Maybe Buy-pharma is getting better step by step. Yet still, we can’t forget its bad reputation in the past.

Buy Pharma Coupon Codes:

No online company can run without getting their customers satisfied. Being a customer of many companies, I prefer to have things that are best in quality and cheapest in rates. Although the prices of drugs at Buy-pharma are competitive (generic Tadalafil cost for 12 tablets of 20 mg is $29.90), still there are no records of discount vouchers.

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