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front Page of merely claims to be an online pharmacy and that’s it. I didn’t get to know anything about its geographic whereabouts. However, it lists right on the home page that the available meds are from an Indian pharmacological plant, which holds a FDA/WHO standards compliance certificate and provides quality guarantee regarding its products. Had a name for the pharmacological plant been provided, I would have double checked this information on the internet, as any pharmacological companies of Indian origin have made a name in terms of quality. But sadly this information wasn’t listed. Anyways, I could see that the pharmacy has a bevy of well-known antibiotics, such as Noroxin, Amoxil, Augmentin, Flagyl, etc. I have decided to list out the prices of a few common meds. For instance:

Generic Amoxil’s (250 mg) per pill price is $0.44 and 60 pills would cost me $26.40. Generic Augmentin’s (250 mg) per pill price is $2.62 and 20 pills would cost me $52.40. Generic Erythromycin’s (250 mg) per pill price is $0.55 and 20 pills would cost me $33.00. Generic Flagyl’s (200 mg) per pill price is $0.61 and 20 pills would cost me $18.30.

All the meds are available in higher potencies as well and buying more pills would ensure more savings; however, I didn’t want to buy in bulk the very first time. The pharmacy accepts the following payment methods: VISA, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB card.

As for shipment, it lists the following details: EMS (Trackable delivery in 5-9 days), Airmail (delivery in 10 – 21 days). The shipment rates weren’t specified at the outset.

Following are the ways to contact this online pharmacy:

Via phone: +1 877 888 9761 (US toll free) +44 2036081340 (UK)

Live Support is the other method and usually the quickest way to check things out. I had a query so I clicked on the Live Chat button and was quickly connected and got the answer rapidly as well. Impressive! See the screen shot beneath!

Customer Service Support via Live Chat on
Customer Service Support via Live Chat on

Since we all know that things can go wrong during shipment, I wanted to know if had any guarantees in place or not. I learnt that the pharmacy pledges to refund the amount in case a customer isn’t satisfied with the product; however, he firstly needs to reship the pills back to the pharmacy and then the refund process would be initiated. Reviews:

Although it was listed with each product that it received such and such ratings and that many reviews from US based customers, I couldn’t find the details of the reviews (such as name, location, date, etc). So I don’t know what to make out of them, whether to accept them on face value or dismiss them. However, what’s more alarming for me was that I couldn’t find any reviews about Buy Antibiotics 24h anywhere else on the internet, considering there are plenty of pharmacies’ reviewing sites out there. It seems that the online pharmacy has no established repute. So I decided to take my chances with Scam Advisor.

BuyAntibiotics24h Reviews 2016:

Scamadviser Report on BuyAntibiotics24h
Scamadviser Report on BuyAntibiotics24h

Scam Advisor assesses that the site maybe Netherland based, but since its actual location is hidden, it may not be without risks. Thus, Scam Advisor is of the view that one should exercise caution in buying from here.

Buy Antibiotics 24h Coupon Codes:

Best Deals for Buy Antibiotics 24h on the Internet
Best Deals for Buy Antibiotics 24h on the Internet

Like I said before, antibiotics aren’t exactly cheap, so any kind of discounted offer would be great. However, Buy Antibiotics 24 h has only one discount offer i.e., free airmail shipping on orders amounting to 360 pills or more. I am not sure how much I would save through this as the actual shipping cost hasn’t been mentioned on the site. But I think it is $10 give or take. However, I was hoping to find some independent reviews from other users like you and me regarding the effectiveness of generic antibiotics bought from Buy Antibiotics 24 h. But I haven’t been able to find any reviews on the site or anywhere else. Plus, I don’t like the fact that the real origin of the site’s geographic location is kept hidden deliberately. What is it trying to hide? In the absence of a substantial proof like this, I am very much hesitant to buy antibiotics for myself and my family from here.

Antibiotics are a costly but effective treatment route. In many types of infections, they are the only kind of treatment that works. However, I don’t know how well generic meds work or if they are the exact and perfect replacement of trademarked antibiotics. Unlike erectile dysfunction and fertility meds, antibiotics are used for serious and often life threatening illnesses, so I would like to be very cautious in substituting the trademarked and proven meds with anything else.

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