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Those who find it hard to get hold of the prescriptive meds due to the pricing and access factor, can definitely settle for generic ED meds. But deciding where to buy these generic meds from is a task that needs some research, as the options are multiple. is one e-store that I visited recently and I am sharing some of the things that helped me make the purchase decision:

When I browsed the Terms and Conditions section, I was able to locate some information about where the site is based. The company is registered in India and is selling ED products only to European Union countries. Regarding the ED products’ origin, I learnt that the company is selling only generic ED meds produced by an Indian Pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma, as well as some other Indian pharmaceutical companies like Ranbaxy, Cipla, Aurochem, Sunrise, RSM and Centurion Laboratories. Regarding Ajanta Pharma’s repute, the e-shop particularly specifies that this pharmaceutical company possess the World Health Organization and UK Medicines and Healthcare body (MRHA) certificates of good manufacturing practice for its own branded Sildenafil Citrate product (Kamagra). The site doesn’t mention FDA approval status of Ajanta Pharma’s products but when I researched online I learnt that many of its products have either the US FDA approval or are under its review. I had a look at the ED products available at this e-shop and have listed their names, details, and prices underneath:

  • Kamagra (tablets)Manufacturer: Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma8 tablets of Kamagra cost £10.70 (£1.34 per tablet)
  • Kamagra Soft TabletsManufacturer: Ajanta Pharma8 tablets of Kamagra Soft/Chewable cost £12.96 (£1.62 per tablet)
  • Tadalis SX TabletsManufacturer: Ajanta Pharma8 tablets of Tadalis SX cost £17.10 (£2.14 per tablet)
  • Eriacta TabletsManufacturer: Ranbaxy8 tablets of Eriacta cost £10.78 (£1.35 per tablet)
  • Silagra TabletsManufacturer: Cipla8 tablets of Silagra cost £10.80 (£1.35 per tablet)
  • Aurogra TabletsManufacturer: Aurochem Laboratories10 tablets of Aurogra cost £9.78 (£0.98 per tablet)
  • Kamagra JellyManufacturer: Ajanta Pharma7 sachets of Kamagra Jelly cost £14.00 (£2.00 per tablet)

I also checked the ways one can contact the customer care department of this e-shop and learnt these are the following ways you can get in touch:

Phone numbers:  0203 051 3246 (for UK based customers)  +44 203 051 3246 (for customers outside UK)

Specific email addresses:

There was no Live Chat option available, so I emailed a query to email address meant for Customer care assistance and I am waiting to hear from them.

Before placing an order you have to create an account.

Credit cards are the acceptable mode of payment at the site; detailed information would be available only after an account if made.

Orders are delivered through trackable courier services, and signature is required at the time of receiving the order from the courier service.

  • Delivery is expected in the British Isles is within 7 days.
  • Delivery is expected within continental Europe within 14 days.

Meanwhile, the postage cost differs on the basis of the region to where the order is being shipped. For e.g., if the postage country is UK, then the shipping cost would be £1.36. But if the postage country is France, then the postage cost would be £5.47. This price would get automatically calculated and added to your order amount in the shopping cart.

The e-med store accepts the return of purchased product but there is a procedure the requester has to follow: The requester has to click on the “Return your Order” on the “My Account” section of the website or by completing the contact form on the website. The customer care department will respond to the return request. A partial refund will be issued after deducting the cost of used/missing products, initial postage and fulfillment costs, the value of goods not returned and a restocking fee. The requester will be credited this within 14 calendar days of receipt of the goods. The requester is supposed to get an estimate of the refund prior to initiating the refund process.

Buyerect Reviews:

Customers’ review is an aspect that can help you in making the ultimate decision to buy from a store or not. However, I was unable to locate any customer reviews on the e-shop site as well as on any independent pharmacy reviewing service. Without this important aspect, I am unable to determine how popular this e-shop is with its customers and if has an established reputation or not. So I decided to head over to Scam Advisor to see what it had to say about this e-store. Reviews 2016:

Scam Advisor too had limited feedback about this site, probably because it is a new site. Here is what I learnt: Scam Analysis by Scamadviser Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

Scam Advisor determines that the site is most likely to be based in India but can also be in Malta. Its popularity is unknown and it is not a high risk site but substantial amount of care is still required in carrying out financial transactions here.

Buy Erect Coupon Codes:

I was unable to find any coupon codes or saving deals on this e-shop.

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