Review – Rogue Pharmacy Alert Front End Front End is another online drugstore among a myriad of shady online retailers which have burgeoned recently.

At the first glance, seems quite a reputable drugstore. The homepage is taken up by ad banners mostly of reputed generic brands of ED drugs that are available on BuyMeds247Online. They mention on their homepage that they specialize in generic brands, so that customers can get drugs at a cheaper price. They also claim to be in business for years. This is a lie, because on analysis of the website on Scamadviser and Userexp, I noticed that it is actually a recently launched website, in 2015. It seems to be based in USA. They have a very vast range of products including antibiotics, ED drugs, hair and weight loss products, pain relief, anti psychotic, diabetes and cardiovascular amongst others. However, from their ad banners, it seems their bestsellers are ED drugs. Indeed, one tablet of Cialis 20 mg is $0.60. Likewise, they also have other generic versions of Sildenafil like Kamagra and Suhagra. They mention that these products are actually initially imported from India and that all their products are FDA approved.

Concerning shipping, claims to ship to all parts of the world within 10 to 12 days with full refund and free reshipping if there are any defective products or they do not reach on time. They accept e-check (for US only) and western Union for payment. They also claim to have a secure system, as they are SSL certified. As for contacting them, they have provided a Toll-free number for USA (1-866-391-2533) along with an online chat system. I was surprised that the chat system actually worked. As a trial, I asked them if I could order drugs without prescription, they replied yes.

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If BuyMeds247Online was really a genuine site from USA, then it would surely have a section for customer’s reviews and feedback. However, it has none. This all but confirmed my suspicion that BuyMeds247Online is actually a rogue website. Superficially, on taking a look at BuyMeds247Online, it will look a truly genuine site, from USA. It even has a section for blogs, with health articles. Their products are well listed and described very well, with the side effects. also seems well secured and qualified. However, on closer look you will realize that the certificates and accreditation mentioned on the website is just to prevent plagiarism of their written contents. It does not certify in any way that the site itself is a genuine pharmacy or not. I would not trust BuyMeds247Online at all. Reviews 2016:

On passing through scamadviser, I got expected results. It had very low trust ratings and was flagged red. Even the real location of the place was unknown. Even if scamadviser had given it a decent rating, I would still not trust the website anymore. It just does not have the look and feel of a site from USA. For one thing, it would have been better presented. Secondly, it would surely have reviews from real time customers, which it does not have. Thirdly, it would not have those small grammatical and vocabulary mistakes which I found scattered throughout the site. And, lastly, any decent and well-developed site would have a payment method at least via credit, debit cards and PayPal. BuyMeds247Online has none; it just relies on e-checks and Western Union. Trust Rating by Scamadviser
BuyMeds247Online Trust Rating by Scamadviser

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The only discount or BuyMeds247Online offers is for USA customers. They get $5 worth of medicine free if they use e-checks as form of payment. The reason I think they did not provide further discounts is that they rely on the fact that people would get attracted from the low prices they offer. Adding a further discount would have made them suspicious.

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