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Since generic medicines like Viagra and Levitra can be purchased without a prescription, I was looking at places online where I could buy them. I came across and wanted to share my discoveries with you: doesn’t share the information where it is based but it is certainly not based in a region where English is the first language. I can say this for sure as the language used on the site is highly awkward and broken in many places to the extent that it’s incorrigible.

As apparent from the name Buy Steriods24, this source primarily sells steroids and ED meds are sold under one of its categories called ‘Sexual Health.‘ The next thing I wanted to check is the prices, which is, of course, a big concern for people needing to buy ED meds. There are very few ED meds available here. One is Kamagra Jelly from India based Ajanta Pharma in sachet form, available for $8. The other product is a generic version of Viagra from the manufacturer Mahram Darouir and 4 tablets are available for $15. Via is another product from Gen-shi Lab Osaka, and 30 tablets cost $20. Tadalafil is available from Roid Plus manufacturers, and 30 tablets cost $50. Whether these products in specific and other in general are FDA approved or not isn’t clear from the site. However, the shipment methods have been mentioned very clearly, i.e., Regular shipping $20 per 25-gram weight.

Courier service such as UPS, DHL, ARAMEX, PTS at the cost of $115 per 500-gram weight.

Delivery time differs according to the region:

Delivery to: USA is 6-9 days approximately. The UK is 5-9 days approximately. Spain is 7-10 days approximately. Europe is 5-10 days approximatelyJapan and Korea are 5-7 days. CA-AUS is 5-7 days approximately. UAE is 4-6 days approximately.

The site promises to resend the order in case it gets seized at customs and the customer can send them a scanned copy of seizure letter. Since nothing is mentioned so, I think it doesn’t refund the order amount in case a customer is dissatisfied.

There are two ways to contact the customer support department: Email or Live Chat. Since the live chat showed offline status, so I sent an email. Though I didn’t get a confirmation message in my inbox, I did get a reply to my query within two hours. No phone numbers are listed on the site, so emailing is the only communication option. Reviews: Reviews Reviews

The site doesn’t contain much textual content, so I doubted if there were any testimonials but located two in the sidebar. Barry Beadle placed an order on 8.7.2014 and reports that the received products are legitimate and he will come back for more. He also appreciated the customer service. John Doe placed an order on 1.8.2014 and says that “This was my first time using hgh so I went with the blue tops to start…and got good response…” None of these testimonials were related to ED products, so I don’t know about the experience of any customer regarding that. I also didn’t find these comments on any other site, so at least this site doesn’t have clones, which is a standard practice with scam site. However, I didn’t find any reviews about this site or its services and products on any independent site. So the reputation of this vendor is undetermined. I decided to check if Scam Advisor can give me some insight.

BuySteroids24 Reviews 2016:

BuySteroids24 Trust Rating by Scamadviser
BuySteroids24 Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Scam Advisor’s statistical analysis revealed that the site is based in Turkey and it’s a fairly risky site to carry out financial transactions.

Buy Steroids 24 Coupon Codes:

Discount Offer by Buy Steroids 24
Discount Offer by Buy Steroids 24

The only discounted deal this site is offering is 30% off on all products, which can be a substantial saving provided the meds are genuine and not counterfeited.

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