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Upon opening I can already see a few initial problems. To begin with, my cart is already displaying a $28.50 fee despite me not clicking anything yet – what kind of a legitimate business throws a product in the basket for you upon opening its home page?

There is a misplaced header title showing in the top left of my screen, which shouldn’t be there and immediately makes me doubt the authenticity of the site.

After clicking the main header (Buy Viagra Online) this issue is eliminated, however the main header has now changed from Buy Viagra Online to The overall feel of the website isn’t bad and doesn’t look far different from how I would expect a website selling meds to appear, despite a few grammatical mistakes and cheap product photos. You can easily see a live chat option and featured testimonials on the homepage.

Ok, so I’ve clicked on the About Us section of the website, found at the bottom of the page, in order to fully scope out the authenticity of this company. Again, I instantly see some questionable errors. The bulk of the About Us section is in poorly written English with a wealth of grammatical mistakes. This company may not be based in an English speaking country, but for a company that is advertising itself as ‘a team of professionals’ I would definitely expect a well written and informative About Us section. I’ve been unable to find any information about this company in the About Us section, so I have used to dig a little deeper.

I have found that the website is registered in Moscow, Russia, whilst the hosting is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands – this is an instant red flag which has me questioning the legitimacy of the website and I’m now beginning to think it could be a scam. The site has been registered since 2013, which isn’t bad. offers branded ED products from known companies such as Pfizer and Lilly. They also stock ‘generic’ versions of each at a much cheaper cost. They are offering Cialis for as low as $1.07 and Viagra as low as $0.41 per pill – these prices are extremely low compared to the average cost of branded version, which leads me to believe this is either a scam, or they are selling products that are produced to a much lower standard than brand names.

I had to look around for some shipping info but all I could find was that their shipping methods and prices vary depending on the delivery destinationI decided to contact customer support using their live chat option, and was pleasantly surprised to get an immediate response. The operator accepted my chat request within seconds, and I had the reply to my answer in less than 3 minutes. This company offers two delivery options: a trackable service, with 14 days max delivery time at $30.00, or a non-trackable service, with 5-9 days max delivery at $10.00.

In my online shopping experience, trackable options are always faster with more priority, so I find it strange that a customer paying 3 times the price of standard delivery would have to expect their item at a later date. Maybe, this is a ploy for people to choose the much cheaper and quicker non-trackable method in order for the company to explain the item must have ‘gone missing’. The only information of their refund policy is very brief, but essentially states that you can return an ineffective product within 30 days of receipt, and once the product is received on their vendor’s side, the refund procedure will start.

Overall, I have a mixed opinion of this website after viewing the above points, there are some realistic functions such as the quick response on live chat, however there is a lot of negative points. Firstly, I could not trust a website that is registered in Russia, yet hosted in the Netherlands. The poor grammar mistakes throughout the website instantly knock down the authenticity of the website, and makes me believe that the company is not professional at all. Lastly, the extremely cheap pricing of the generic pills is so cheap that it would barely be profitable to make and sell them, which leads me to believe that this website is in fact a scam website, or is selling ineffective and poor quality products.

Buy Viagra Online Shop Reviews:

Buy Viagra Online Shop Reviews
Buy Viagra Online Shop Reviews

I’ve searched Google results trying to find some reviews for Buy Viagra Online, however that has proved unsuccessful. I am now taking a look at the site’s own featured testimonials. Johnny, 34 has wrote (in bad English) that he ‘hesitated for a long time before [paying] by credit card and [getting] a fake product in return. The structure and points offered in this review makes me think that it has been written with the idea in mind that the average customer would not trust this website. It attempts to offer a scenario in which customers can relate to it, but if Johnny hesitated and got his product, maybe our product will arrive as well? Or maybe not.

I don’t think there could be a name and place as generic as a Mike from Chicago, however he has apparently written that ‘when my package arrived I could not understand what it was as it looked as a usual registered letter’ – again this seems illegitimate, writing about the appearance of the package being it letter is a little strange to me. It’s almost as if these reviews have been written to try and instill trust in other potential buyers, and something about them just generally seems off.

There are a lot of testimonials on this site, which led me to do a quick Google search of a couple of them, I have discovered that almost all of the testimonials are copied and pasted directly from other websites selling similar products, so it is now confirmed that this website is operating a scam, and I would steer well clear of it at this point.

Buyviagraonlineshop Reviews 2016:

Legitscript Report on Buyviagraonlineshop
Legitscript Report on Buyviagraonlineshop

Unsurprisingly, given the fact that the testimonials are fakes, I have been unable to find any recently dated reviews. I have taken a look at some websites including LegitScript, which rightly list the website as a Rogue Internet Pharmacy, based on the fact that the site is selling medicines without being an approved and verified vendor.

Scamadviser Report on Buyviagraonlineshop
Scamadviser Report on Buyviagraonlineshop

I have also taken a look at Scam Advisor – which gives a low trust rating. Scam Advisor also pointed out that the site is Netherlands-based, but most likely from the Russian Federation – a worrying discovery I made earlier in the review. So, we now have fake testimonials, low trust ratings and a misguiding location, each of these suggest that the website is indeed a scam. Coupon Codes:

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on

Most website vendors offer coupon codes to save users some money. After a quick Google search, I managed to find some coupon codes relating to this site, from around 14 coupon codes, half were listed on 29/10/2016 and a half was listed on 30/10/2016 – which is also today’s date. This is obviously another worrying factor relating to the legitimacy of the website, making me believe it only began ‘trading’. To add to this, the discount codes added today don’t even work when entered on Buy Viagra Online. The site, however, appears to offer bonuses for purchases over a certain amount, for example, you could opt for free standard airmail (non-tracked might I add) on all orders over $200.00 – but I think at this point I’d have to be extremely dense to spend $200.00 on a website as dodgy as this and opt for non-tracked delivery as well.

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