Canada Drug Pharmacy – Where are the Other Websites for this Network?

Canada Drug Pharmacy is another network pharmacy or a group of online pharmacies with only one name but several web addresses. However, in the case of this pharmacy network, Canada Drug Pharmacy, there was only one visible website with the name Canada Drug Pharmacy. There were probably other websites bearing the name of the network, but they may currently be closed or inactive.

Online pharmacy networks have a number of affiliated pharmacies with a goal of increasing web sales for one main company. Websites belonging to a pharmacy network can look identical with their other co-websites, but some online pharmacy networks also employ several templates for their websites for some unknown reason.

Canada Drug Pharmacy Reviews

The network Canada Drug Pharmacy only has one active website available, The web did not yield other Canada Drug Pharmacy networks, so I only searched the web for reviews for the active website.

Canada Drug Pharmacy CIPA Membership
Canada Drug Pharmacy CIPA Membership

Canada Drug Pharmacy’s active website claims that it is a member of one of Canada’s prestigious web pharmacy associations, CIPA. In order to verify this, I visited CIPA’s site to check if is indeed an active member of the store. Turns out, Canada Drug Pharmacy is indeed one of the few active CIPA pharmacy members which are operating legitimately on the web.

Canada Drug Pharmacy Testimonial
Canada Drug Pharmacy Testimonial

As for actual consumer reports, I was also able to identify one client comment for Canada Drug Pharmacy. I found one response from a former buyer on Complaints Board; according to the buyer “W. Marsley”, he was able to order from Canada Drug Pharmacy hassle-free for 2 years in a row. The consumer declared that he was able to receive good service from Canada Drug Pharmacy and has also saved money ordering from the store.

Canada Drug Pharmacy Online

Using Google, I tried searching for web pharmacies with the “Canada Drug Pharmacy” name. Unfortunately, I only had one result; there were no other Canada Drug Pharmacy drugstores except for the website There is no clear reason why there was only one website under the pharmacy network, but the result from the search engine probably failed to yield more relevant results due to the vagueness of the keywords. (Canada Drug Pharmacy) Homepage (Canada Drug Pharmacy) Homepage

This online store offers access to a large database of prescription and non-prescription products online. Although the shop has a “Canada” term in its name, the store mentioned that it sources its products from its fulfillment partners from around the world. It appears that Canada Drug Pharmacy is operating as an intermediary site, or an online mediator for consumers and local drugstores.

Like with the usual online pharmacies, Online Canadian Pharmacy offered various medications arranged by their medical conditions served for easier access. The shop also offered a search function for easier site use, as well as a medication list in alphabetical order. In order to pursue your orders on Canada Drug Pharmacy, though, consumers had to provide the proper prescriptions for the medications. Stores which ask for consumer prescriptions are rare these days, as most online drugstores leniently dispense their meds without ever obliging the consumers to send their Rx orders.

Canada Drug Pharmacy Coupon Codes

No coupon codes were available for the online pharmacy clients, but the shop offered other deals for its consumers. As you can see, offered a 10% discount for the consumers if they download the Canada Drug Pharmacy application from Google Play Store.

Canada Drug Pharmacy 10% Discount
Canada Drug Pharmacy 10% Discount

Clients are given 10% off their purchases when they download the shop’s app and use the app for their orders. Besides this app download discount, though, Canada Drug Pharmacy offered no other deals, such as free shipping or free pills for a certain order amount.

Online Canadian Pharmacy Numbers

Canada Drug Pharmacy provided several phone numbers for its consumers. Here are the numbers advertised on website for the consumers to use:

Toll-free: 1-877-275-1525

International: 1-604-278-5354

Fax: 1-877-558-5459

If consumers were interested, they could also use other information available on the website, such as its email address and its mailing address:

Email Support: [email protected]

Mailing Address:

PO Box 97176

Richmond Main Post Office

Richmond, BC

Canada V6Y 4H4

I think Online Canadian Pharmacy is commendable for sharing its actual address for its consumers, as not all online stores are interested in airing their business details with their clients for some reason. However, Online Canadian Pharmacy stated that it does not accept product returns via the disclosed ground address.

Canada Drug Pharmacy Spam

Although the one website belonging to the Online Canadian Pharmacy network has a good review from one comment on Complaints Board, there was also one bad review for the website from the same review platform.

Canada Drug Pharmacy Feedback
Canada Drug Pharmacy Feedback

The client Tobbiler aired his frustration for the website because according to him, he was repeatedly unable to submit his prescriptions on the website. He mentioned trying to contact the store via its numbers with utter failure. He also recommended that others avoid this online pharmacy.

Besides the complaint about Online Canadian Pharmacy, though, there were no spam reports and no consumer scam complaints about the web pharmacy. Even if the comment available for Online Canadian Pharmacy was not too good, this pharmacy network did not have scam reports directed at it from previous buyers.

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