Review – Only 1+ Year and its Domain Registry is Bound to Expire Soon Home Page Home Page advertises that its clients will be able to save up to 90% in drug costs when they trust the shop for their medical needs. This is because Canada Drugs Online promises products sold at discount rates without compromising product quality for the prices. is also otherwise known as World Pharmacy Store, which was odd because the store name was a lot different that the domain name for the online store.

Although the store has a “Canada” term on it, we can’t confirm if the store is indeed located in Canada. I looked into the shop’s About page, but there were no clues concerning hard facts about the store. However, the Canada Drugs online or World Pharmacy store had logos from the CPA, CIPA Rx, and MIPA, which are all organizations for online drugstores located and licensed in Canada. Although did not indicate its location, it wants buyers to think that the meds are from Canada or that it is operating at least out of Canada. As for its inception, the shop did not also relate its history, but there is a 2004 mention on the website. is advertising a prescription-free order process, even for the Rx-only medicines. Online pharmacies make their consumers order hassle-free without providing prescriptions but are also increasing the risk for adverse drug interactions. A wide variety of Rx and non-Rx products are available on and also generic and brand-name medications. You can search meds on using its alphabetical database, and you can also search for your meds here by their clinical ailments served. You can purchase meds for birth control, depression, weight loss, erectile dysfunction, pain relief, skin care, and various general health issues. It is striking, however, that the store has mostly meds for erectile dysfunction more than others. I seem to notice that most online pharmacies advertise male impotence medications better than their other products.

My goal was to determine the prices for erectile dysfunction products on this shop, so I took a peek at the impotence medications such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. According to the information on the store, you can purchase 10 pills of the 100 mg Viagra for $33.25, 10 pills of 20 mg Cialis for $32.59, and 10 pills of 20 mg Levitra for $37.11. Prices of these products per tablet decreases as the consumers increase their purchases from the store.

Shipping, on the other hand, is charged either $10 or $20 by, depending on the consumer preference for the shipping method. The slower AirMail shipping is $10 (up to 21 working days), while the faster EMS courier is $20 (up to 9 working days). However, the transit times for these shipping methods are approximations only, since the transit may take longer or shorter depending on the weather and general shipping conditions. If your orders fail to arrive, you can contact the store using its phone numbers or its contact page to work out something, but the shop does not have a fixed policy for reshipment or replacement of lost orders.

As for payments, Canada Drugs Online honors payments done via E-checks, VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX. Reviews

Online stores continue to baffle me, as they declare being popular but in truth are unable to have valid reviews for their service. I failed to locate consumer comments for Canada Drugs Online from trustworthy sources such as review platforms and forums, although the store had some comments on its own site.

I like how the shop made effort to put up a separate testimonials section for its site, but the thing is, the reviews and testimonials available on were the same ones I’ve observed countless times on the web.

The comments from Benjamin, Samuel, and other so-called clients were the ones I’ve already witnessed on other online platforms. These were only plagiarized comments, and I would never trust them to reflect the “good credibility” of Reviews 2016

Since the available reviews for Canada Drugs Online or World Pharmacy Store were all fake, I tried looking up the domain in more reliable and unbiased sources like Legit Script and Scam Adviser:

Legit Script’s result explicitly stated that is a precarious site which buyers should stay away from. As a result, the store was given a “Rogue” rating, which is the lowest Legit Script could give any online platform.

Legit Scrip also determined that Canada Drugs Online is registered in Hong Kong and that its creation date is 2016.

I also checked the website using Scam Adviser and the store was rated 64% safe with an age of 1 year and several days. The store was also identified in Hong Kong and Scam Adviser also detected its expected life was only 1 year, meaning, the store’s domain is bound to expire soon. Coupon Codes

Although no coupon codes are available on Canada Drugs Online, the store offers several considerable deals for its consumers. Free Pills Offer Free Pills Offer

Buyers, regardless of purchase, are offered free Viagra pills as a bonus from the store. On the other hand, consumers with purchase larger than $200 in total are given free shipping (AirMail), which means they can save $10. Free Shipping Offer Free Shipping Offer
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