Review – This Appealing Site Has Something to Hide! Design Design looks good at first glance and pretty authentic. But this could easily change once we inspect a few parts of the site. The site claims to be from Canada, and whilst this could be true, a WhoIs Lookup shows that the owner country is suspiciously hidden. It is, however, possible to find that the website is hosted in Netherlands, which definitely isn’t normal for a company apparently based in Canada.

At the footer of the website, the copyright notice claims that the company has operated since at least 2011 – which does coincide with the age of the website itself, apparently being just over 5 years of age.

The main assortment appears to be good, with a large selection of products available. The product pictures look professional, despite being easily accessed on Google images, and used on a variety of similar website. Viagra can be bought as low as $0.88 for a generic pill, which is slightly cheaper than your average rate for a non-branded product.

The website claims that all products are manufactured and distributed from India and therefore are approved by the Indian FDA – so this is an admission the products never actually pass through this company’s hands, and therefore you could end up receiving and ineffective or low quality product. accepts all major credit cards, including VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, JCB and Dinners Club. So there is a good variety of payment methods, however these options can all still results in a scam, as in most cases they offer no buyer protection.

Two options of shipping are offered. Express Mail Service can take a maximum of 10 days for delivery, whilst Airmail can take 21-28 days. There is no information on the prices of these options, although I would expect for the first option to be around the $30 region, and the second option to be around $10.

There is a live chat option available on this website, they do offer a toll-free phone number. However, when I tried to connect to a live chat, it was offline.

A refund policy is in place for products that are undelivered, or not matching the product description. claims to replace these minus a $10 stocking fee, and providing a claim is made within 30 days. Reviews:

There are no reviews for, both on the website and also independent review sites. In most cases, a company that is actively trading, especially large amounts as you would expect with a reputable pharmaceutical company, should have at least a few reviews available from customers. It appears to me that the company is either inactive, or a fraud that isn’t actually making any sales.

Canada-Express-Mall Reviews 2016:

Reputation analysis of Canada-Express-Mall by LegitScript
Reputation analysis of Canada-Express-Mall by LegitScript
Scamadviser Report on Canada-Express-Mall
Scamadviser Report on Canada-Express-Mall

Since no reviews available for this company, I have no recent reviews to discuss; we can view Scam Adviser for any relevant info. As you can clearly see in the image above, there is a 29% safe rating for, rendering it unsafe to purchase from. It is also suspected that this website is based in China, again adding to the suspicious behavior of this website that makes it appear fraudulent. It is highly likely that any orders place with this company will result in the customer’s money being stolen, and no product being delivered.

Canada Express Mall Coupon Codes:

Coupon Codes for Using on Canada Express Mall
Coupon Codes for Using on Canada Express Mall

Whilst the above coupon code does actually work when tested at the checkout, it is highly likely that given the other information we have found, it is simply just a way of making the website seem more authentic when it is actually a scam, making the customer believe they are getting a deal on their non-existent order. After all, a 5% discount is meaningless if the company actually has no intention of sending any products in the first place.

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