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I am going to review another one of pharmacy affiliates named This online pharmacy does not share any information of its location, but according to my search, the probable location of Canada Discount Drug Store is United States or Canada as it offers its services in these areas.

Moreover, no information has been given from when has started working so nothing can be said about that. This specific Canadian pharmacy offers drugs and medicines related to men’s sexual health, women’s sexual health, muscle relaxants, antibiotics, etc.

After searching about the price of Viagra generic is $0.82 per unit whereas the price of Cialis generic is $1.5 per unit, you can also get these medicines at discount as mentioned by the pharmacy. All the drugs and medicines offered by Canada Discount Drug Store are FDA approved which means that these medicines are safe to use.

You can pay for these medicines and drugs through your debit card, VISA, MasterCard, Western Union, etc. and ACK. The shipping methods of this pharmacy includes Registered Airmail and it offers free global shipping which means you do not have to pay anything as shipping cost.

The pharmacy does not offer any live chat or contact option however you can contact them by calling their toll free number 1-888-8244591 and international calling number 1-402-8190950.

Canada Discount Drug Store Reviews:

Reviews are undoubtedly an essential part of decision making regarding which online pharmacy to select for purchasing drugs and medicines. If a particular pharmacy does not have any customer reviews, the pharmacy is either fake or does not offer quality in its products.

After searching about the reviews of Canada Discount Drug Store, I have found a number of reviews on the website itself. A person from Alabama named Tomas J. said about Canada Discount Drug Store “I finally decided to try to buy drugs online in Frankly – I never thought that I would get my order or will be satisfied with the quality of medicine, but when I received my package , all my doubts vanished. My drugs has come in their original packaging in an opaque envelope, and most importantly it was the same quality as in a conventional street pharmacy, but it was worth much less. Now I always order the drugs online in the Internet on your site, it really is safe and financially profitable, and most importantly completely anonymous. Thank you for good job!”

Another reviewer said “For more than 3 years I am a customer of your online pharmacy, and I am very pleased that once made his choice correct ordering drugs from you. I want to say thanks to your support team, which is constantly responding to all the questions that arose in my ordering process for the first time. You are truly the best online pharmacy that helps to save my money and get their orders online without leaving your home.”

However, these reviews are from the seller’s own website which means that it can be fraud and thus cannot be trusted.

Canada Discount Drug Store Reviews
Canada Discount Drug Store Reviews Reviews 2016:

After searching this pharmacy on the scam advisor to deduce results that whether this online pharmacy is safe to sue or not, I have found that the pharmacy is not at all fake and scam advisor shows it as 79% safe to use indication. However, when it comes to the location of the pharmacy, the site indicates that it is from United States however it is quite possible that the site may come from Canada.

According to my search, the site is Canadian so this may involve a certain type of risk. It is better to look out for some online pharmacy that gives clear information about its origination and location so that people can know what they are buying and from whom.

Safety Report of by Scamadviser
Safety Report of by Scamadviser

CanadaDiscountDrugstore Coupon Codes:

Who does not like to save money on everything they purchase? At least, I am not among those who do not like to save their money. Therefore I always look for discounts and coupon codes offered by the pharmacy so that I can save my funds. As where the Canada Discount Drug Store is concerned, it do offer a coupon code for discounts.

The coupon code is given on the site, as shown by the screenshot below, you just have to copy and paste the code to get discounts. 5% discount is guaranteed on shopping above $150 and above that, 10% discount is offered on all medicines and drugs.

Coupon Codes for Using on CanadaDiscountDrugstore
Coupon Codes for Using on CanadaDiscountDrugstore
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