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Home Page of uses green color in its layout. I also notice that they guarantee a wide variety of generic alternatives and 125% price match guarantee. Canada Drugs Direct appears to be located in Canada and has been licensed or accredited by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

They deal with prescription, non-prescription, drug refills and pet medication. In the prescription category I found generic and brand ED medication. I identified popular ED medication like Levitra (Vardenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil) and Viagra (Sildenafil) in this website. I can get a top brand choice of Levitra for about $9 per pill. The cheapest top brand choice Cialis will cost me $4.5 per pill and top generic has a low cost of about $3.6. The cheapest top brand Viagra is about $9.6 and the cheapest generic option goes for $6.75 per pill. All the prices are in United States Dollars and a valid prescription, from a licensed physician, is required.

If I wish to make an order, I will have to fax my prescription when checking out to 1-800-859-5270 together with my order number or call them by phone using their toll-free number: 1-888-904-8467. I believe all payments are done using credit cards, no other information is provided. All products are only shipped to USA in this store. The process period of the order is 2-3 business days, after shipping I should expect my order, according to them, in 8-12 business days.

Purchases over $100 have no shipping cost, but if my order is below the amount I will have to pay a flat rate of $6.99 for that order, regardless of the number of products I bought. If I receive my order and I am not satisfied with the services, I have 30 days to contact the online pharmacy. More return procedure information is available if I contact them using their inquiry emails (general, website, marketing and sales), toll-free Number (1-888-904-8467) and toll-free Fax Number (1-800-859-5270). I tried calling toll free number and was assisted momentarily. Reviews:

Canada Drugs Direct has great promises but it appears that none of the customers are willing to give their feedback or no one has used their products. I am disappointed to find that the online store has no customer reviews. I use the reviews to determine the reputation and credibility of any ecommerce site. I now consider this as an unreliable vendor with nothing to show in terms of the quality of their services and products. It now requires a scam analysis to draw my conclusions about this site.

CanadaDrugsDirect Reviews 2016:

In a recent review published in an independent site by a customer who goes by Joe55, it says that the prices and customer service was excellent. I believe this is a call for feedback on the site, it might be posted by the company or someone was paid to create a discussion. He actually said, “I just ordered Cialis from these guys and found the pricing to be some of the best I’ve found online from a online Canadian Pharmacy and their customer service was excellent. I just wanted to get your guys feedback and review to see what you thought of this website? Seems like the website was pretty easy to use as well.” This is not enough to describe what the site offers.

CanadaDrugsDirect Reviews 2016
CanadaDrugsDirect Reviews 2016

I did a scam check on and found out that has a high trust rating suggesting that I can use it. The website is based in Ireland but the owner resides in United Kingdom. There are other countries linked to this online store: Isle of Man and United States. This information has to be checked properly to determine if the other countries affect the safety of

CanadaDrugsDirect Trust Rating by Scamadviser
CanadaDrugsDirect Trust Rating by Scamadviser

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In terms of quality of product and services, I am not satisfied. When it comes to affordability, I consider the discounts and offers. I now know about their free shipping if I buy products worth more than $100 and also the 125% price match guarantee.

They also have a $50 credit bonus for every person I refer to I have to purchased product worth $100 or more during my first order. This offer has no limits. If the person I refer gets to use the promotional code and voluntarily elect to participate in the referral program, he or she receives a $50 account credit. I am forced to believe that future orders might be on Canada Drugs Direct if I inspire more customers. These credits are only valid for 6 months from the date issued.

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Best Deals for Canada Drugs Direct on the Internet
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